Adidas CodeChaos 21 Primeblue Golf Shoes Review

Who is it for?

It’s made for golfers on a budget who prefer eco-friendly and sustainable shoes made from ocean recycled plastics, who also like more of a relaxed fit and extra underfoot comfort.

Adidas CodeChaos 21 Primeblue Golf Shoes


  • Full length Boost midsole which provides extreme comfort (based on customers reviews)
  • Upper is made of 75% recycled ocean recycled plastics without sacrificing comfort or stability
  • Spikeless with unique traction pattern for excellent grip and stability
  • Multiple overlays on the sides to provide more support & stability
  • Soft & thin material tongue that adds to the comfort
  • Lightweight (even lighter than CodeChaos 2020)


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Not true to size (recommended to go 0.5 size larger for a more relaxed fit)


This pair of golf shoes is the top-selling spikeless golf shoe in 2021 and it isn’t an empty hype.

Yes, we recommend it.

Feature #1: Environmental & Eco-Friendly:

Adidas is working with a company called Parley which recycles ocean plastics. And so, these shoes here is made of 75% recycled polyester plastic yarns (no virgin polyester used).

So, in terms of sustainability and being eco-friendly and being good for the planet.

It’s great to see there’s a big part of this shoe’s upper being made from recycled ocean plastic, without being firm and stiff as you would imagine. It’s got a good amount of flexibility in the upper.

Feature #2: Waterproof:

Even though it’s advertised as waterproof, multiple customers reviews mentioned that it wasn’t completely waterproof, and more like a water-repellent shoe that may respell water only during morning dew, which is a shame.

It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t have any waterproof warranty, so keep that in mind.

Feature #3: Traction:

Adidas CodeChaos 21 is made with a “Traxion” outsole which is a unique spikeless rubber pattern that maximizes grip and foot stability.

Feature #4: Comfort:

It has plenty of stability and plenty of comforts because you have got that full-length Boost midsole there

It’s also comfortable in the toe box area, however, there can be a little bit of slipping in the heal. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s going to give you a little bit more of a relaxed fit a little bit more room in that toe box, then get a 0.5 size larger. That extra half size will give a little bit more comfort.

If you go with your actual shoe size (true to size fit), It would give your feet being lock-in the hill area, and the rest of your feet will feel snug and be within the limits between comfort and pain.

On the downside, it will be especially tight (uncomfortable in the sides of the toe-box area that it can become painful & distracting while playing golf).

When you get the 0.5 size bigger, they’ll feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable with more room in the toe box area.