Adidas Pure 360 Gripmore Golf Shoes Review

Adidas Pure 360 Gripmore Golf Shoes Review

The Adidas Pure 360 shoes provide foot support and stability, with the added bonus of being waterproof protection. However, it has been reported by some customers to have poor breathability in summer; despite this drawback though you’ll find these to be lightweight so they can be worn all day long without any discomfort!
The spikes aren’t replaceable as well which makes it a bad deal, so we do NOT recommend you buy it.
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  • Looks bulky but it’s designed to “hug” your feet all around and provide foot support & heel stability.
  • It’s designed to be waterproof protection but a customer reported that breathability wasn’t great on hot summer days.
  • It’s also lightweight & comfortable out-of-the-box so it’s excellent for walking.
  • Good arch support


  • Fits 0.5 size small
  • The outsole is NOT durable, and a customer reported that they were detached & torn after only 20 rounds.
  • There is a discolouration issue on the toe area in light-coloured styles.