Best Adidas Golf Shoes Review for Men 2022

Are you looking for a new pair of Adidas golf shoes?

We know that buying a new pair of Adidas golf shoes can be time-consuming and confusing because there are so many different styles available. This is why we put together this list of 10 best Adidas golf shoes review for men who are beginners or intermediate level players. We hope our reviews will help make shopping for the perfect pair easier and less time-consuming. Happy Shopping!

You’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision right here in this article, so read on if you want to learn more about these top 10 Adidas golf shoe reviews. It doesn’t matter what kind of golfer you are – beginner, intermediate, or pro, because there is something here for everyone! Let us help guide you through your next purchase by providing honest opinions from real customers like yourself. If it’s not good enough for us, then it’s not good enough to recommend to our readers either!

So without further ado… scroll below and let’s get started with our list.

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Best Adidas Golf shoe Under $100 (Athletic)

  • S2G (Spikeless)
  1. Lightweight cushioning for excellent comfort and flexibility, this is the most comfortable shoe under $100, great value for money.
  2. Super grippy spikeless rubber outsole for maximum traction on & off course
  3. Recycled material


  • Not waterproof, even though it’s advertised as such.

2nd Best Adidas Golf shoe Under $100 (Casual)

  • ADICROSS RETRO (Spikeless)
image 1
  1. Excellent comfort and stability
  2. Grippy spikeless rubber outsole for traction on all surfaces
  3. Casual style that is suitable on & off the golf course
  4. Recycled material

A new spin on an old classic, these Adidas Adicross spikeless golf shoes are built for great grip and fashionable style. A court-inspired look with retro flair is so stylish even off the course, courts won’t pose a problem. After all, who said you have to play by the rules?


  • Not the best at keeping your feet dry against morning dew.

Best/Most comfortable Adidas shoes for Walking

  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)
image 2
  1. TPU X shaped outsole for better grip on the turf & elsewhere
  2. Built-in boost technology cushioning for all-day comfort & performance
  3. Waterproof leather upper

If you’re looking for the best Adidas shoes for walking, then look no further.

2nd Best/Most comfortable Adidas shoes for Walking

image 3
  1. Comfortable boost cushioning technology
  2. Traxion outsole for max grip and stability
  3. Made of recycled material
  4. More affordable compared to the previous recommendation

Out on the golf course, your feet is as important as your golf club. Play 18 holes in these Adidas golf shoes that keep you cool with Boost cushioning and dry all day with water-repelling technology. A Torsion System provides stability for every swing, while Traxion outsoles provide traction so you can effortlessly manoeuvre rough terrain onto the fresh carpet of the clubhouse bar.

Best Leather Adidas golf shoes

  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)
image 2
  1. Made of full-grain leather
  2. Waterproof with warranty

The Tour360 XT-SL Spikeless 2.0 is the perfect golf shoe for those that crave originality and style on the course. When you want to take your shots from a safe space, these shoes provide excellent traction with its grippy TPU X shaped outsole as well as our new ultra-plush cushioning technology designed to maximize energy return with every step you take whether it’s up or downhill.


  1. they need to be worn in until it “breaks in” before you feel the comfort. Expect some blisters until you break it in because they’re worth it.
  2. a bit more expensive than other Adidas but worth the money.

Best Waterproof Adidas shoes

image 6
  1. Showerproof shoes that will keep your feet dry & warm in any weather
  2. Boost technology for extra comfort
  3. Built using recycled material to help end the plastic waste
  4. Affordable

When the weather gets nasty and wet, you don’t want to be caught without RAIN.RDY golf shoes on your feet. Dependable shower-proofing combined with excellent grip and support will keep you steady at the tee, in any weather. It’s made from recycled materials which makes it a green choice for golfers who care about the environment as well as their game.

Best Adidas shoes with Arch Support for Flat Feet

  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)
image 2

If you have flat feet and you’re looking for shoes that will help even your weight distribution on your feet and keep a comfortable, steady position while you walk or swing, this right here is a great choice.

Best Adidas Shoes for Wide Feet

  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)
image 2
  • EQT PRIMEGREEN (Spikeless)
image 5

We’ve only found 2 really good golf shoes designed specifically for wide feet, The Tour360 XT-SL 2.0 and the EQT Primegreen.

Best Adidas shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)
image 2

If you have plantar fasciitis, then these shoes are designed with the technology and cushioning to help you enjoy playing golf. Beyond that, they’re also lightweight and have a cushioned footbed for amazing support as well! These shoes really do work well for those who experience this condition (and trust me when I say it’s worth every penny).

Best Adidas shoes for Arthritis

  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)
image 2

According to a foot & ankle podiatric doctor, Dr Hurless is that “The more support a shoe provides, the less work the foot does with every single step”

So if you have arthritis then you need a shoe that provides the best support and comfort.

That’s the reason we recommend TOUR360 XT-SL SPIKELESS 2.0.


  1. It’s a little bit in the expensive range, but it’s worth every single penny.

Best Adidas shoes with Ankle Support for Achilles Tendonitis

image 4
  1. Lightweight & Comfortable
  2. Great traction & stability
  3. Breathable

Research has been done that confirms that the best type of shoes for people with Achilles tendonitis are the comfortable ones with rocker bottom soles, we’ve looked at all the available Adidas shoes and the only one that matches this criterion is the SOLARTHON PRIMEGREEN.

This set of shoes offers your feet a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable fit while also providing the stability you need to make it through a tough 18 holes. The soles are designed with grip on uneven terrain.

However, we recommend the Skechers Go Ultra Max more than any other brand for Achillies, it’s also cheaper 🙂


  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)
image 2

Built with the comfort and support of a classic shoe, these golf shoes will fast become your favourite go-to.

The Adidas TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 Wide Golf shoes offer performance, stability and comfort and so every hole feels as good as the first.

These shoes are made for golfers who demand more from their gear. So if you’re a golfer, they will help you.

We’ve compared this shoe with most other Adidas golf shoes and this one keeps proving that it’s the best value for money, don’t get confused with the TOUR360 1.0, this is the newer upgraded model that is far superior.


  1. The only downside is that it’s more expensive than the average Adidas price point.


Golf is a great sport, but it can be hard to find the right shoes for your feet.

We all know that golfing is good for you and helps with balance, coordination, and even as a hobby. But if you have plantar fasciitis or arthritis then finding the right shoe can be difficult.

Adidas has created a wide range of golf shoes that are perfect for those who need more support than other people. The traction on these shoes will help keep your footing steady on uneven terrain while also providing comfort and stability to make it through 18 holes without pain!

The best Adidas golf shoes for men will vary depending on what your needs are. If you have a wide foot, then the Tour360 XT-SL 2.0 Wide Golf Shoes is the perfect choice as they offer comfort and stability without sacrificing traction or breathability. They also come with an anti-blister design to keep those feet happy! If you’re looking for something more affordable, we recommend either the Skechers Go Ultra Max or Solarthon Primgreen if you experience Achilles tendonitis (since these shoes provide support and comfort without sacrificing traction).


Are Adidas golf shoes waterproof?

It depends. Adidas has a wide range of golf shoes and most of them are waterproof, but they are not all equal. To find out if a certain pair is waterproof, check out what it’s made out of (Leather or Polyster are the best for repelling water), what the brand says in their descriptions and what customers say in the reviews, the one we recommended above is definitely a great choice.

Can I use Adidas golf shoes in the rain?

Yes, you can, but first, you need to ensure that the shoes you wear is waterproof, has non-slip outsoles that provide traction and stability when using them in wet conditions.

Do any of the pros wear Adidas golf shoes?

There are too many pros that wear Adidas golf shoes because they provide comfort, performance and traction which are key to a good game. To just name a few, we’ve listed the 7 athletes below that are sponsored by Adidas on their website, which all seem to be using ZG21 (Soft spikes) and Codechaos 21 (Spikeless).

Xander Schauffele, Collin Morikawa, Dustin Johnson, Daniel Berger, Joaquin Neimann, Sergio Garcia and Tyrrell Hatton.

Why are adizero golf shoes banned?

Even though it has soft spikes underneath, but they are positioned in a way closer to the edge of the shoe than other shoes to provide maximum traction, the problem with that is it applies more torque to the grass when a golfer swings the ball causing damage.

Where are Adidas golf shoes made?

Adidas manufactures most (if not all) of their shoes in China & Vietnam, just like the majority of big brands like Nike and even Apple. That’s why you can see on their amazon listings it says “Imported”, it looks like they don’t mention China neither on Amazon nor their website is because of the negative impression people have towards products made in china.

Should golf shoes be tight or loose?

The same that applies to normal running shoes also applies to golf shoes, you need it snug just enough to prevent your foot moving inside the shoe, and wide just enough to allow room for your toes to move. Don’t go to extremes or your golf game will struggle.

What type of material do Adidas Golf Shoes feature?

Adidas Golf Shoes come in many different types of materials such as leather, suede, nubuck, mesh fabric and synthetic microfiber fabric just to name a few! The best way to find out which material is best for your type of use is to read the product description of each one.

Are Adidas golf shoes true to size

Generally speaking, Adidas golf shoes fit true to size, however, it’s a very common problem across shoes of most brands that it’s either a little bit smaller or bigger than advertised, there’s nowhere around knowing this answer other than a one or a combination of the below methods:

Product listing: I’ve seen brands mention in their listings that the shoes are smaller or bigger than what you normally wear.

Customer reviews: It’s common that customers (especially on Amazon) will write about their experiences and answer this specific question to other people who are interested in buying.

Buying the shoe: this is definitely the least favourable method of the three, but sometimes this is the only method to know for sure.