Best BOA Golf shoes for Men Review 2022

Unless you are golfing on a professional level, golf can be frustrating. Golf, surprisingly enough, has been around for about 500 years! Today we have BOA golf shoes to make your game easier (and more enjoyable!).

In this article, I will discuss what BOA is and how it works to help you decide whether or not BOA golf shoes are right for you.

And finally, our top 5 BOA fit shoes for men on available for sale.

Most affordable BOA Golf shoe

  • PUMA Golf Men’s Ignite Pwradapt Disc Shoes (Spikeless)

These are the most affordable golf shoes selected specifically for those on a budget and still want to wear golf shoes, however, some customers complained about quality issues with this model, if you are looking for under $100 to save money, then don’t go ahead and buy this yet, we recommend that you check out our Top golf shoes recommendations because you can get much better quality for the same or less price.

Most Comfortable BOA Golf shoe

  • FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex BOA Golf Shoe (Spiked)
FootJoy Mens Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe

This is the best quality product on this top 5 list hands down, and it is not a cheap one but very much worth its price. In short, it’s Super comfortable, Waterproof and has a 2-year U.S warranty.

Best Value for Money

Adidas Men’s Forgefiber BOA Golf Shoe (Spikeless)

Adidas Mens Forgefiber BOA Golf Shoe Spikeless

This one made it to the list based on value for money in terms of price, comfort and quality.

Some customers reported that it even looks and feels like one of their very comfortable sneakers. Just be aware that you might need to order a half size smaller than usual.

2nd Best Value for money

  • PUMA Men’s Ignite Pwradapt Caged Disc Golf Shoe (Spikeless)
PUMA Golf Ignite PwrAdapt Caged Disc in 2021 | Best golf shoes, Mens golf  fashion, Disc golf shoes

This pair fits perfectly and super comfortable (these are the exact customer’s words), and looks like casual running shoes.

Best High End Golf shoes

  • FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard BOA Golf Shoe
FootJoy Mens Premiere Series Packard Boa Golf Shoe

If you are searching for High-end golf shoes, then this is it. It is made with synthetic leather in the USA. 2 Color options, either Full black or White (stunning).


What is the BOA system and how does it work?

BOA is a company that specialises in a new turn-in dial lacing system, they’ve become so popular that almost all the big brands (like Adidas and Puma) are incorporating this technology in their sports shoes (all sports from Golf to cycling to running etc).

A BOA lacing system is an external closure that consists of a sequence of small coils or lines. These are typically located at the instep and golf shoe tongue to tighten around your foot with tiny incremental movements. To loosen them you simply turn the dial on top either clockwise or counterclockwise until they’re no longer tight

How to tie a BOA golf lace

We recommend that you try these:

1) around the golf shoelaces and then back in front of it, beneath the small buckle on top of your BOA shoes; or

2) by crossing over both golf shoelaces to form a bowknot.
In the end, you should have your golf shoelaces to one side of the golf shoes with BOA and then thread them back through at an angle.

3) Push down on the small buckle so that it fastens tightly around both golf shoelaces before tightening up – this will be difficult if you don’t use a bowknot as shown in step two.

4) Pull firmly but not too tight because any tension could cause discomfort when walking or playing golf; just enough for a snug fit without sacrificing comfort.
When putting on the golf boa sneakers, always make sure that there is no slack by holding onto either end of the golf lace and pulling until they are taunted.
If the above instructions were not clear then click on the video below.

How to care for your BOA shoes

Golf shoes with BOA are easy to maintain. After playing golf, simply brush off any dirt or debris and put them back in their original shoe bag for the next time you play golf.

If there is a lot of mud on your shoes then they can be wiped down using a damp cloth before being brushed off.

You may also choose to use an antibacterial hand cleaner if available but it’s not necessary – just make sure that all surfaces have been cleaned so as not to transfer germs from one surface (such as wet grass) onto another surface (the golf shoe).

Washing stains: Use mild soap and water while making sure to avoid getting soap near the fastening hardware; rinse well afterwards.

Why you need golf shoes with BOA?

The golf shoes with BOA system is a great feature for golfers of all skill levels, especially for those who are seeking comfort more than anything.

The fastening technology offers an unparalleled level of comfort, support and ease-of-use that cannot be found in most golf shoes on the market today.

BOA also has many different styles so you can choose between lace-ups or slip-ons depending on your personal preference!

BOAs are especially useful when it comes to golfing because they allow players to quickly tighten their laces without having to bend over as much, which may cause discomfort when bending after prolonged periods of time.

This ensures golfers remain comfortable while playing, again and again, round after round.

The benefits of golf shoes with BOA

There are benefits to golf shoes with BOA that are not found in golf shoes without this lacing system.
If you choose one, you’re likely to find these benefits listed on the box or shoe description:

– Quick and easy lacing
– Improved comfortability
– Great for golfers of all levels

In Short, it is: More comfortable + Easier adjustment = Great combo.

The negatives of golf shoes with a BOA system 

The negative aspects of golf shoes with a BOA system are that some brands sell these overpriced, and that may deter golfers from purchasing them.

With that being said, golfers often spend on average $50-$150 more than regular golf shoes because of this BOA fastening feature, but there are many benefits such as comfortability, easy adjustments during playtime and ease-of-use!”

The other drawback is that laces may become loose after a few runs and you have to tighten them up again a few times in the safe session, and when they loosen up on their own, it contradicts the comfort that the user bought the shoes for!

Well, obviously that depends on the brand and the quality of their shoes.

How durable is the BOA system?

We’ve mentioned earlier that BOA systems are considerably more expensive than regular golf shoes, so it makes sense to ask this question.

Like everything else in this world, there are no guarantees that it will last forever due to wear and tear on the BOA mechanism, BUT, there are brands that offer a lifetime warranty for their golf shoes so that alone makes the purchase worth it and risk-free.

The reliability of the golf shoes is also dependent on how well you take care of them, so make sure to clean your golf shoes and store them correctly after use.