Best Men’s Golf Shoes for Flat Feet (Spikeless & Spiked)

Are you looking for the best men’s golf shoes for flat feet?

We know it’s difficult to play golf and walk between holes without comfortable shoes, and it’s even more difficult for flat-footed men.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to spend hours searching online trying to find what you need. We’ll tell you exactly which shoes are best for people with flat feet so that your next round is as comfortable as possible!

Our list of top picks will help you narrow down your search quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for something casual or athletic, there is a pair of shoes on this list that will fit your needs perfectly. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out what type of shoe would be best suited for your foot type.

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Best FootJoy shoes for Flat Feet

HyperFlex BOA + Walk Hero Insole = 👍

image 7


  • Lightweight & waterproof material that allows breathability without getting your feet wet.
  • Excellent range of motion
  • Stylish design for golfers.
  • Foam cushioning superior comfort
  • BOA Fitting system


  • It’s advertised as waterproof with a 2-year warranty, some reviews say it’s not.

Best Skechers shoes with Arch Support for Flat Feet

Go Ultra Max (Spikeless)

Go Ultra Max


  • The most affordable on the list (Under $100)
  • Excellent value for money
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight & durable


  • Not the best at waterproofing

Best Adidas shoes with Arch Support for Flat Feet

  • TOUR360 XT-SL 2.0 (Spikeless)

image 2


  • Comfortable and roomy fit
  • Waterproof leather upper material
  • Simple & stylish design
  • The insoles offer support & comfort


  • Runs slightly big, order 0.5 smaller size.
  • Not affordable to everyone.

Best Nike shoes with Arch Support for Flat Feet

Air Zoom Victory Pro (Spikes)

nike air zoom victory pro golf shoes 1


  • High quality and Affordable (Under $100)
  • It has hard plastic on the bottom which provides lots of support for flat feet
  • Ability to put in a custom orthotics insole for added comfort and arch support.
  • Durable and soft leather


  • They need breaking-in before playing in them, otherwise, they’ll cause blisters from rubbing on Achilles and heels.

Best Puma shoes with Arch Support for Flat Feet

IGNITE NXT DISC (Spikeless) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 1


  • Excellent Arch support for flat-feet
  • Great step-in comfort
  • Excellent support & stability
  • Lightweight & Waterproof


  • These shoes run 0.5 smaller.

Best ECCO shoes for Flat Feet

Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax

Biom Hybrid Hydromax


  • Durable & no break-in needed
  • Comfortable (on and off the course)
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Support and traction


  • Beware of buying knock-off fake ECCO shoes when you buy on Amazon
  • Some customers reported that they run a little small

Best New Balance shoes with Arch Support for Flat Feet

Breeze V1


Do you have flat feet? Do you often have pain in your feet, calves, or knees when playing golf? If so, it might be time to invest in some new shoes. Check out the Breeze V1

  • Excellent comfort
  • Excellent arch support which is especially important for flat feet
  • Lightweight & all-round great shoe


  • Discolouration issue with bright colors, this can be avoided by ordering a dark-coloured one


This is a very close and tough choice between two potential winners

The New Balance Breeze V1 & Skechers Go Ultra Max

Go Ultra Max

There are a lot of different golf shoes that flat-footed players can wear on the course. However, we narrowed it down to some of our favorite pairs and listed them below for you! Which one will work best for your flat feet?

Check out our list to find out which shoe is perfect for you.  If all else fails, take a look at this article about the top 10 flat foot-friendly golf shoes or check out these reviews from previous customers who have flat feet!

Good luck finding your next pair of golf shoes with arch support, let us know if we can help in any way!


What is a flat foot?


Flat feet (aka pes planus or fallen arches) is when the feet come into complete or near-complete contact with the ground. With this form of the flat foot, it can be difficult for them to walk on level surfaces and may cause pain in various places such as heels due to increased pressure from walking long distances over time!

What other things can help besides a golf shoe & orthotic insert?

Flat feet exercises are the best & more permanent solution, but they require some time commitment, and it’s very much worth it.

Some stretches are to be done before doing any exercise, but not during. Heel stretches, golf ball rolls, arch lifts, and calf raises all help with different parts of your feet that cause problems. Personally, I find loose shoes very helpful when combined with these exercises and stretching programs. I also have flat feet so this problem is common for me personally. It’s important to do this program slowly so the heel cord can lengthen properly- you want to avoid shortening it by yanking on it or constricting it too much because your feet want very high arches! Spend some time rolling around on a golf ball carefully- put both balls in between your toes while standing up!

What kind of shoes are best for flat feet?

The best golf shoes for flat feet are made to accommodate your arch, give you enough room in the toes, provide extra cushioning for your soles, and support the heel. Look for features like removable inserts that conform to your needs. The most important thing when looking at a shoe is the way it fits. Alternatively, you can even fix this with custom orthotics or by stretching out certain parts of the shoe if there’s too much room in an area. Shopping online will make this process more seamless in terms of selecting different options in terms of size and colour without having to try them on in person first. That said, some people would prefer to be able to see how the shoe feels before purchasing them so they’re not left disappointed.

Should you wear arch supports if you have flat feet?

It is strongly recommended that you look for a suitable golf shoe that is suitable for flat feet and then get yourself orthotic insole inserts that will really enhance the arch support that you feel.

Orthotic Insoles--Arch Support Insert Shoe Insoles for Flat Feet,Plantar  Fasciitis,Heel Pain,Foot Pain for Man and Woman : Shoes & Bags

What is the difference between flat-footed golf shoes and flat-footed regular walking shoes?

The flat-footed golf shoe typically has a harder base, which gives you more traction on the course. They also have higher arch support to help give your flat feet some kind of lift, as well as extra space