Best Golf Shoes for Men Review 2021

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It doesn’t matter what your skill level or budget is, We’ve done all of the research so you don’t have to. From comfort, durability and price, we found the top Golf Shoes on the market today.

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You deserve a shoe that will last through 18 holes without giving you blisters or making your feet sore after just one round. A shoe that is comfortable enough to wear all day long while still looking stylish in any setting. These are some of the most popular shoes on Amazon with over 1,000 reviews each – read them now!

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Why do you need golf shoes?

Golf shoes give you stability and balance while playing golf. They are specially designed for the motion of a golf swing. If you slip or slide during your swing, it is hard to hit the ball and get good shots.

Golf is an expensive sport, and it’s not uncommon for someone to invest in a quality pair of golf shoes. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best possible price on your new golf shoes! Whether you’re looking for waterproof, spiked or spikeless golf shoes, we’ve got reviews from real customers that will help you find what you need to make up your decision.

In this article, we’ll cover 15 of the best golf shoes on the market today. We also have reviews about each brand so that you can get an idea of what they offer and which models are most popular among golfers in 2021!

We’ve considered the following criteria when researching

  • Budget
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Fastenings
  • Waterproof/Water-Resistance
  • Design/Colour

Golf shoes are the most important piece of equipment for a golfer, even more so than clubs. They have to be comfortable and provide maximum traction on all surfaces. The best budget golf shoes should also offer some water resistance in case you get hit with an unexpected shower during your round.

Best Golf Shoes Overall

For this category, we have chosen the best Golf shoes based on: quality and what the high-performance golf athletes use and not taking much consideration into the budget (if you are looking for budget golf shoes, scroll down).

We will dive deep into each of these and give you our final thought on the following two.

  1. Adidas Tour360 XT ($129.99)

Adidas Tour360 TX is a high-quality golf shoe that is being used by Dustin Johnson. It has a lightweight, supportive and durable construction to provide the best stability and comfort for any golfer’s feet on the course. It is a high-cut shoe that will provide your feet with incredible cushioning and stability. It also has a quality rubber outsole which will give you traction, flexibility, as well as durability.

  1. Nike TW71 FastFit ($180) (used by Tiger Woods)

Nike Men’s TW71 FastFit Golf Shoes is also one the best which became popular because of Tiger Woods. It is very durable which has a quality foam and rubber construction while also having an additional heel pad for extra cushioning. You can’t go wrong with these great golf shoes from Nike

While both these shoes are befitting to any golfer, we would say that Adidas Tour360 TX might have more of a reputation when compared with Nike Men’s TW 71 due to the fact that it’s been used by Tiger Woods for a number of years, it doesn’t automatically make it an end all be all just because of this fact, but it’s still worth taking into consideration.

Best Golf shoes under $100

What is it? Adidas Tech Response 4.0

If you’re a beginner to Intermediate level golfer looking for the best golf shoes for men under $100 then this right here is the best option for you.

It is made built to make your experience as pleasant as possible so they designed this shoe with lightweight and durable construction, which allows you to play without any hassle.

It is currently the best-rated and most reviewed Golf Shoes for men on with over 13780 reviews.

Currently priced just under $65 (Don’t be turned off by the price, it’s recommended by men who have been golfing for over 38 years)


  • Very comfortable around your foot to help you play golf for much longer and have a great time.
  • Very easy to put on and take off your foot which means you can easily slip the shoe on or off without a struggle
  • Lightweight and breathable material that will keep your feet dry of sweat during those hot summer days.
  • Simple and classic look (so you don’t have to sacrifice style or function)
  • Removable rubber spikes so you don’t have to take off your shoes immediately after you’re done golfing!
  • The spikes will give you stability with your golf swing (Very good grip on the ground, NO traction issues at all)
  • Water-resistant to keep your feet dry (not fully waterproof, so don’t walk into puddles).

Best Budget Golf Shoes for beginners (under $60)

Skechers Men’s Pivot (Spikeless)

This is a very close competitor to the best under $100 above (Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf), currently priced at $55.

The SKECHERS Pivot Golf shoe is a great pair of shoes for the budget-conscious golfer.

  • The upper is made of 100% synthetic leather which resists water well for wet days on the golf course.
  • It has ULTRA GO Foam cushioning built in which makes it very comfy.
  • It is also breathable, thanks to the air mesh tongue and collar liner.
  • They are water-resistant too! You can wear it on wet days without the worry that water will seep into them (as long as you don’t walk into a puddle)!
  • Pivot Point technology makes it easy to swing the club without any traction problems, it also offers quality comfort on wet days as well as traction to make swinging your club an easy task.
  • The shoe you are wearing is also lightweight and has a rubber sole.
  • It’s worth noting that Skechers shoes are usually true to size, however; when ordering online, it’s recommended a half to whole size larger.

Best Runner Up

FootJoy Men’s Fj Originals

The Good

  • The brand promises an “outstanding 1-year waterproof comfort, breathability, and durability”, which is a strong claim for the price, which brings us to the next point.
  • The affordable price point offers a very good value for money in terms of Performance, Durability and that classic elegant style. it’s not cheap but a very good value for money if you play golf regularly.
  • Classis style and very elegant golf shoes that looks like a high-end pair.
  • Comfortable shoes, it’s thick with padding on the tongue and collar which will be comfortable for your feet. Some people complain that it’s not comfortable enough, but most reviews say otherwise.
  • Traction is good but not great because of how low profile the shoe is. It does have rubber cleats in all the right places to grip so you never slip or slide when walking over wet grass or gravel areas
  • Made of 100% textile leather so it does not let in the water while you play under the rain while being breathable to help keep your feet dry throughout the session.

The Bad

  • Takes time to break into these so expect some discomfort during the first few sessions.
  • Some customers reported that cleat has been coming out often.

Colour choice: 3 Options available

  • White & Brown: The best seller
  • White
  • Black

Best High End

FootJoy Men’s Premiere Series-Packard

If we had to give the “best golf shoes to walk the course” award, it would be this one.

The Good

  • Made in the USA up to high standards.
  • Lasts a long time: The shoes are made of quality leather and will not wear out quickly, even if you play very often.
  • Premium golf shoes with premium quality, it’s one of the best on the market in terms of quality, style, comfort and durability.
  • Has premium leather uppers with a padded collar for added comfort.
  • Style is very elegant, almost feels like you’re going to a wedding.
  • The Packard Golf Shoe is also easy to clean and maintain. The upper leather parts are treated with a special coating that repels dirt, keeps the shoe looking new for longer periods of time, and cleans easily when necessary.
  • Very comfortable: “OrthoLite EcoPlush Fit-Bed” technology means the cushioning will keep your foot comfortable even if you swing golf clubs all day.
  • Excellent Traction: The “Versa-Trax” technology is engineered to maximize traction with each ball you swing. It’s designed for the best performance in all weather conditions.

The Bad

  • Very Expensive. If you play golf very often and can afford it, then this the best pair your money can buy!

Best for Arthritis

Skechers Torque Twist Waterproof Golf Shoe

If you are looking for the best golf shoes for arthritic feet, the Skechers Men’s Torque Twist golf shoe is a great option. This comfortable and lightweight shoe offers plenty of stability, making it easy to walk 18 holes or more without any pain in your feet.

The Good

  • The brand offers a 1 Year Warranty.
  • Excellent price point
  • Water Proof: The “H2GO” waterproof technology protects your feet from water while being breathable to keep your foot dry all day.
  • Comfort: It’s engineered for maximum comfort which the main thing people with arthritic feet look for.
  • Support: This shoe is high in support and has great stability as reported by a user “I have been wearing these for a month now and the stability is amazing. Most shoes within 6 weeks for me end up leaning inside or outside depending on the product. Skechers seems to stay flat and stable.”.
  • Appearance: It looks like a quality running shoe that would be matched with any outfit, making it perfect for casual golf outings or a walk in the park.
  • Traction: It has equipped with Replaceable Softspikes to provide maximum grip and can be easily replaced.
  • The absence of a lacing system makes it easy to wear and take off.

The bad

  • 1 customer reported he has been denied his warranty, however, hundreds of others have posted 5-star reviews, so that wouldn’t be a big concern, especially at this great price point.

Frequently asked questions:

1) What are the most comfortable men’s golf shoes?

One of the most comfortable golf shoe brands is FootJoy! They offer a wide variety of shoes, and they’re usually pretty low-topped so that your feet can breathe. Even if you tend to have sweaty feet, these are still relatively breathable. Another brand with great comfort ratings would be Nike Golf Shoes! These shoes come in lots of different styles including slip on as well as lace-up ones. The best thing about them is that they’re made from synthetic leather which makes them stretchier than other options out there. Some people prefer Ecco because they feel like it’s easier to get their foot into this type of shoe without having to use laces or a poor lacing system, with that being said, they’re a little bit more expensive.

2) What are the best-rated golf shoes for 2021?

The best-rated golf shoe brand is FootJoy:

Footjoy Wave Precision II Golf Shoes has 109 reviews with an average rating of four stars on Amazon! It’s got lots of traction which makes it great for golfing in wet conditions as well as walking through grass or other rough terrains (like sand!) This product comes in black, white, navy blue and orange colours and sizes from men’s US size 11 to 15. The price ranges between $120-$200 depending on your location.

Nike Men’s Air Vapor Advantage Golf Shoe has 26 ratings with an average rating of five stars on Amazon! These shoes have synthetic leather upper that can help you grip the ground and even help you stay cool. The Nike logo is on both sides of the shoes in a gold colour that also looks really classy! These come in sizes from men’s US size 11 to 17, but they only have one more colour- orange.

4) Do beginners need golf shoes?

I was a beginner and it seemed like all the experts were telling me to buy golf shoes, and had no idea what to look for when I buy one?

I knew that good shoes were important but didn’t know how or why. 

After doing some research on the internet, it became clear that there are several things you should look out for before buying a pair of golf shoes. Some things such as traction and stability are more important than others depending on your skill level. But overall, these points can help anyone make an informed decision when purchasing their first set of golfing footwear.

The problem is, when you go to the store and ask for a golf shoe, they’ll try to sell you some hideous pair of shoes that are designed for world-class athletes. They look like something your grandfather would wear at his wedding. Maybe this isn’t what I need.

A real golfer needs all sorts of support from their footwear – it has to be lightweight and breathable with extra traction so they can run fast between shots without slipping on the green. It also has to have lots of shock absorption because every time you hit the ball, your feet take an impact load equal to three times your body weight (and then there’s all that twisting).

Finally, if you want any chance at improving as a player, you need comfortable shoes that will let your feet breathe easily after each hole – otherwise, you may get some blisters and soreness.

All the other articles on this topic were written by experts who had no idea what they were talking about either.

I’ve created this article to save you all the research and headache I had to go through as a beginner. Scroll at the top and find what you like best.

3) Do pros use spikeless golf shoes?

There are a few pros who use spikeless pair of shoes, like Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter, both have come out in support of their release. They’re lighter than metal spiked golf shoe and can be as efficient or sometimes even more so than traditional golf cleats!

It’s been hard for some to change from using metal spikes because it feels strange at first getting used to not having anything on your feet while swinging your golf club. But if used correctly with practice most will find it to be an advantage over time! The only downside is how slippery this shoe becomes when wet which isn’t great especially if you want to keep traction during your golf sessions.

The spikes on these shoes are made of hard plastic and unlike metal, they won’t tear up your course when you walk around. The other upside to them is their durability which will keep your golf shoe last longer than if it had spikes!

Another pro golfer who uses these shoes often, Brooks Koepka has come out in support saying “I’m wearing adizero because I like having less weight on my feet. It’s easier for me to move.” They also have waterproof protection so that’s an added bonus!

Are spiked golf shoes better than Spikeless?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages with most players agreeing that spikeless are usually lighter in weight and they don’t damage the course as much.

If you’re trying to save money or just want spikes on your golf shoes, then metal is a good choice for that. If you like lightweight shoes with less weight, spikeless would be best suited for you but if durability is more important than anything else, Adizero will work better. It all depends on what kind of golfer you are!

Scottish golfers in the mid-19th century were forced to improvise different ways of getting traction on wet, rainy courses. Some men would hammer nails into their leather boots so that they had more grip with their “spikes.” But these spikes could easily come loose and skewer your foot if it wasn’t careful!

Spiked shoes have a little spike near the toe which extends down through the sole as well as up through the heel section for improved support when walking or running. These spiked shoes are also available in many different styles including athletic sneakers and sandals. Spiked golf shoes are typically reserved for use only while playing around on the grass or other soft surfaces such as mud or turf where you need extra traction and stability to help maintain balance.

Spiked golf shoes are thinner and lighter weight than spikeless golf shoes so they don’t add too much bulk to your foot as you walk around the course. They also have a soft cloth lining which is more comfortable to wear on long walks in wet, rainy weather than can be said of some competing spiked-leather styles that tend to rub against your feet with every step taken.

As well as being designed for traction, there are many other benefits: Spikes provide protection from slippery surfaces such as ice or mud – this helps maintain better control over where you put each footstep during play! This also prevents possible injury due to slips and falls when wearing spikes on these softer surfaces or even grass.

Spikes also provide traction when playing in wet, rainy weather. The spiked design of the shoe will allow for better grip on both wet grass and hard surfaces such as concrete – providing added stability during play.

The only downside is that they can be quite expensive – the average price for spikeless golf shoes ranges from $100 to $120 (although there are some good deals available online, which we have reviewed above!). And because it’s not always easy to find an opportunity to clean them between rounds, you might need two pairs of these types of golf footwear if you want one pair just for walking around and another as a spare.

What Golf Shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger woods is the most popular golf athlete, as he is a professional golfer and an entrepreneur. Tiger Woods has been known to have worn many different golf shoes over the years, including Nike, FootJoy, Adidas, and TaylorMade.

Part of the reason is that he earns money by wearing certain shoes because of the fact that many golf fans will want to buy the same shoes that he is using, but that doesn’t make it any worse, because he has to use the golf shoes that work best with his personal style of golfing, and it must be made to the best standards so that he can compete at international level.

There are many golf shoes that have similar features, but the best golf shoes are ones that offer a great deal of support. Tiger Woods is known for having worn Nike Golf shoes with cushioned insole, which provide excellent cushioning and stability while he’s running up and down hills on the course.

Does Tiger Woods still wear metal spikes golf shoes?

Currently, he switched to rubber shoes in 2009 with Nike’s TW20 model for better traction on soft and wet surfaces, which is probably what he needs at this point of his career.

Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer of all time and still one of the most dominant players on tour today, was a long-time user of metal spiked shoes.

Metal spikes are ideal for hard surfaces like greens or tee boxes that would otherwise cause traditional soft-spike shoes to slip uncontrollably across the surface. However after an injury sidelined him in December 2018 (Woods has had four surgeries related to his left knee since 2014) he tried out softer spike versions as a way around this problem – with great success! 

Now back at full strength once again, Tiger is wearing Champ’s Pro Stinger model which features both steel tips and durable polymer outer layers that allow him power through shots without fear of slippage during crucial moments when accuracy matters more than power.

Why do some golfers use metal spikes?

Well, Most golfers will wear rubber or soft spikes that don’t hurt surfaces but offer less traction (especially in wet conditions). Metal spikes give more grip so it is up to you if you want better performance at the risk of damaging your playing surface and being unsafe for others around you.

You should always ask a manager what type of spike shoes they allow before heading out to play!

Are Metal Golf Spikes Legal in Golf?

Many courses don’t allow metal spikes shoes at all because they damage the surface of the course. The metal spikes can also be unsafe on the golf course because they are hard and sharp, making them a safety hazard for other players as well as damage to the turf surface.

Why are metal golf spikes banned?

These type of shoes are banned because they’re too destructive according to the USGA rules so if you’re playing a golf course that doesn’t allow them, it might be best not to use your existing pair or buy new shoes with plastic/rubber spikes instead!

A petition from golfers to ban metal spikes has been circulating for years. Janzen, a golfer on the PGA tour said on Twitter “It’s got no chance.”

A short-lived debate about spiked shoes in 2005 led many players and fans of professional golfing to push back against them with petitions such as one that threatened an 8-year disqualification should they be used again by any player who signed it. Janzen was quoted saying “There’s no way you can get rid of metal spikes. You are not going to do anything but hurt yourself if you try.”

Golf clubs usually do not allow players to fix the spike marks on a putt. It is best to fix them after you have holed out. Some courses have banned them during cold weather because they are dangerous to the surface of the grass so you should be careful when playing during these conditions.

They should be used only when necessary because it is easy to damage the turf with them.

Some golf courses allow players who have passed an approved workshop in repairing grass areas damaged by golfers’ foot traffic and tournaments specifically permit competitors to spike their clubs but this practice has become less common due to environmental concerns about damaging the course’s turf.

Which pro golfers wear spikeless shoes?

You may not know it, but there are many professional golfers out there who prefer to wear spikeless shoes rather than the traditional spiked shoe that is typically seen on the course.

It’s reported that both of these two professional golfers, Adam Scott and Louis Oosthuizen have won the competition with spikeless golf shoes.

The best way to find out which pro golfers use these shoes would be by watching a tournament and looking at them up close. After you have done that then see if they are wearing any kind of shoe covers or not so you can tell what kind they use.

Are Spikeless golf shoes any good?

Shoe manufacturers do a great job using durable materials in their spikeless outsoles, but they still wear down. And once they have worn down and start losing traction, then it’s time to get a new pair.

I believe that some spikeless golf shoes are just as effective when they are new.

One of the benefits of spikeless golf footwear is that they don’t have to be designed with a specific type of turf in mind, so you can wear them on any surface and not worry about damaging your spikes. This means it’s easier to find authentic product reviews online for these types of shoes because there isn’t any incentive for companies to lie or push one particular shoe over another.

The downside may come from long-term durability but this likely depends on how often you use them and what surfaces you play on too. For example, if I’m playing only once every couple of weeks at my local course then maybe it would take me two years before the soles eroded.

The advantage of using a spikeless shoe is that you can keep using them outside the golf course too, so you don’t need to change shoes at the driving range for instance.

The disadvantage of doing so is that they wear out a bit faster, and you will find it harder to get back into your spikeless golf shoe once it has worn down too much. You may also notice some slippage on wet surfaces if you do not have deep spikes underneath.

In conclusion, spikeless golf shoes are great as an alternative when playing in softer conditions where there wouldn’t be any need of using extra traction equipment such as cleats, but would still benefit from better grip than just wearing socks and gloves with grips over them. They work well in dry weather without inclement windy days interfering with their effectiveness.

Can you wear spikeless golf shoes anywhere?

It depends, but generally speaking, spikeless golf shoes can be used as everyday regular shoes. You just got to watch out for the wear and tear of the outsoles (which is the most important part and what makes these shoes different from any other shoe) which might affect the traction of these spikeless golf shoes.

There are certain activities that you might not want to wear spikeless golf shoes for, like jogging on a treadmill or in the rain.

If you are looking to use them as an everyday shoe then consider wearing some good-quality rubberized soles so that they would protect the outsoles of your shoes while still providing stability when needed. Otherwise, just be careful with where and how often you wear them! Remember: if there is any doubt about what surface they’ll be walking on, put on your old worn-out sneakers.

It’s important to choose the right pair of shoes for your activities. For example, When I play golf, I wear a shoe with spikes; When I go hiking, I wear flat boots. So it’s a good idea to keep this thought in your mind and prevent using them as regular shoes if they are high-end ones and you want to keep them in the best condition as long as you can and be careful with where and how often you wear them! Otherwise, no big deal, go ahead and use them as you wish.

However, wear and tear will not be such a big deal on metal spiked shoes, they can help you skate on hard surfaces too!

Can you wear golf shoes on the street?

Some streetwear aficionados are of the opinion that you can wear golf shoes on the street. They say they’re not really “golf” shoes and that it’s uncouth to think so, but we’ve always considered them a type of athletic shoe. (We even saw Kanye West wearing some! Once!)

The reason people use this designation is probably that golfers have three different types of spikes: Course/Traffic Shoes for walking around; Dress Shoe with rubber cleats exclusively for being in grass or turf; Casual Golf Shoes which are usually streetwear footwear designed for casual occasions outside of playing at a course.

Why don’t you have a look at streetwear fashion trends and see for yourself what shoes are being worn nowadays?

Some streetwear aficionados are of the opinion that you can wear golf shoes on the street. They say they’re not really “golf” shoes and that it’s uncouth to think so, but we’ve always considered them a type of athletic shoe. (We even saw Kanye West wearing some! Once!) The reason people use this designation is probably that golfers have three different types of spikes: Course/Traffic Shoes for walking around; Dress Shoe with rubber cleats exclusively for being in grass or turf; Casual Golf Shoes which are usually streetwear footwear designed for casual occasions outside of playing at a course.

What’s crazy is that if average people saw celebrities like Phil Mickleson or Rory Mcllroy wearing a golf pair of shoes on the streets, they would probably want one, just because it’s got the social proof now.

But for the street-wear purist, we recommend sticking to street shoes! The fact is that these days people wear all sorts of things on the street: Suede Chukka Boots or Chelsea boots with jeans; Navy blue lace-up wingtips or even dress shoes in black trousers and tucked in socks. It’s crazy how much fashion has changed – but if you want to keep street cred, golfing footwear is not recommended outside of grassy courses 🙂

And also, golf shoes are engineered to be durable for a specific sport that has a very specific set of requirements and be durable and provide support and comfort for the player, which means it’s going to cost a lot more than average shoes and using them on the street is going to shorten their life and will wear them out quicker, which means you’ll have to replace them faster.

For example, Casual street shoes are designed with a specific purpose in mind which is to be comfortable enough that people can walk on pavement all day long without getting blisters or developing foot pain; so street shoe manufacturers design their products accordingly by making sure the materials used in the construction provide flexibility while still being supportive and durable

Another example, if you take a look at Tennis shoes, they cost less than golf’s because they aren’t much different to running shoes, whereas golf shoes are expensive precisely because they were created with one very particular set of requirements that we mentioned earlier.

There’s no denying that streetwear is generally more casual than not. But in this case, it might not be as simple as choosing between whether to wear golf cleats on the street or not because of how they look (street) vs if you can do anything with them at all on the court/course instead (golf). Street style has changed from an emphasis on dressing up in suits and ties to wearing clothes like t-shirts, jeans, sneakers etc but there still may be certain occasions where you want to keep your feet off the ground entirely while looking dressed up.

How long I’ve played golf

I have always liked golf. I used to swing with some clubs I bought from a local charity shot when I was a kid. When he got me some of my own, it felt like a lot more fun. On some days, it felt like a struggle. But on others, it seemed easy because all you had to do was hit the ball out into space and then wait for your next shot from teeing off again. Doesn’t seem too hard?

But what if I told you about this new shoe technology which has made playing even easier by making every swing more stable than ever! It looks pretty cool too- these cleats grip onto any terrain with ease while also ensuring stability during those fast swings or slow hits like… The reason I like it is that it is comfortable, supportive and best of all so affordable!

How much shall I expect to spend on a new golf shoe?

What is the right amount to spend on a new pair of golf shoes? It may seem like an easy question, but it actually depends on what you are looking for. If they choose to invest in more than one shoe (and many people do), then expect even greater savings as prices go down per unit with bulk purchases.

Remember, comfort is key!

Comfort and support go hand in hand when it comes to golf shoes.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want the comfort that these types of shoes offer then beginners should look into buying pairs for about $50-$100 apiece as this will be an affordable price range without breaking their budget too much.

While not everyone wants or needs more than one pair (though many people do), those who choose to invest in bulk will also find comfort in knowing they can buy cheaper brands if they feel less confident shopping around at different stores.

So go ahead and have a look at what we recommend -we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your criteria.