Best Puma Golf Shoes for Men Reviews 2022

Looking for the best golf shoes made by Puma?

If you’re a beginner golfer who wants to get the most out of your game, it’s important that you have the right golf shoes. And if you’re only interested in purchasing from Puma, and want to be sure that your new shoes are going to give you traction and comfort as well as keep your feet dry during wet conditions, then scroll below to see which shoes suit you best.

Puma is a well-known brand in the world of sports and fashion, so you feel that their shoes are most likely going to be high quality (Let me warn you, most of Puma’s golf shoes are NOT durable, I suggest you check out this Top 10 list).

They have a wide variety of styles and colours, so there’s something for everyone. And they offer different traction levels depending on your needs – from spiked to spikeless soles.

You’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision listed in an easy to understand layout in this article.

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Since 1948, Puma has been making high-quality sports apparel under the direction of founder Rudolf Dassier and his brother Adolf. PUMA is now the world’s third-largest sportswear firm, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to footwear. Puma has produced various shoes with different features like comfort, waterproof, traction-grip soles that we could wear all day without any discomfort or pain. They also have a wide range of colours and designs available which makes them easy to match with any outfit!

Best Puma Golf shoe Under $100 (athletic)



The Ignite NXT Lace (Spikeless) is a performance golf shoe, the traction on the sole of this shoe will give you great grip and traction on the course, which ensures your foot is stable when swinging the golf ball.

Even without spikes, this shoe gives plenty of traction to prevent slipping during any type of weather conditions or location at the course.

You won’t need to worry about losing traction even on wet grass (whether it’s rain or morning dew).

The sleek flat-knit waterproof mesh vamp ensures that your feet stay warm and dry even during wet conditions, while the ventilation zones allow your feet to breathe easily.

  • Step in comfort (thanks to its responsive cushion)
  • Waterproof & breathable mesh
  • Provides foot support & stability
  • Good traction which further improves stability


  • NOT durable, shoelace eyelets snap easily within a few rounds.
  • Fits a little big, consider ordering ½ size smaller.

Most comfortable Puma shoes for Walking

IGNITE FASTEN8 (Spikeless) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

  • Comfortable
  • lightweight
  • Grippy outsole
  • Waterproof with a 1-year warranty

The IGNITE Fasten 8 Golf Shoe is made with all the comfort and traction needed to make your game easier on any surface and good style to wear outside the course.

The lightweight sole provides you with comfort and traction all at once, giving you a steady footing without weighing down your feet.

The strategically placed traction pattern gives you the grip you need for wherever you go.

With a flat knit mesh upper combined with PWRFrame TPU overlays that allow your feet to breathe without sacrificing durability, this shoe will keep your foot cool even when you are rushing through the course.


  • Runs slightly larger
  • Not suitable for flat feet
  • Not very durable, one customer said a hole near the heel after only about 2 months.

Best Puma Premium Leather golf shoes

PROADAPT DELTA (Spiked) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 2
  • Made of premium & full grain Atlantis leather
  • As comfortable as a running shoe
  • Adapt foam which provides comfortable & stable, stability and high energy return with every step.
  • Tornado soft spikes for even better traction

The PROADAPT DELTA is made of premium & full grain Atlantis leather. It has a Foam midsole to give you comfort and stability.

The ProAdapt Delta golf shoe is an excellent choice for beginning golfers. They are made with traction, comfort and stability.

The traction is made with TPU spikes to provide traction on the greens. The comfort is crafted with ADAPT Foam which provides stability and comfort through walking all day, and also has energy-returning properties.

The stability comes from the heel which features dual-density traction for excellent ground feel, torsional rigidity needed for the swing, and PWRADAPT pods which allow each cleat to interact independently with the ADAPT Foam.

Moreover, they offer form-fitting ankle support via their Adaptive Fit System that utilizes an Adaptive Wrap tongue that wraps around the foot.


  • It’s a little pricey compared to other Puma shoes.
  • They run about a half size small.

Best Waterproof Puma shoes

RS-G GOLF SHOES (Spikeless) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 3

Great traction with cushioning and performance for the best of both worlds. These shoes are lightweight, waterproof, stylish & modern look and functionality that can withstand 18 holes right out of the box.

  • Waterproof: it’s designed for wet conditions (even under rain).
  • Carbon rubber outsole provides excellent traction
  • Fusion foam midsole gives high-energy return and rebounds for top performance
  • Excellent feet and ankle support
  • Traction pattern (Outsole carbon rubber lugs) gives your feet a superior grip on the ground.


  • They run about a half size small.
  • Not suitable for wide feet

Best Puma shoes with Arch Support for Flat Feet

IGNITE NXT DISC (Spikeless) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 1

They’re made with comfort, traction, and protection in mind while still providing excellent traction through every step.

Designed for those who don’t like the look of traditional golf shoes 

  • Arch support makes it suitable for flat-footed golfers
  • Stylish design that can also be worn as regular shoes.
  • Superior step-in comfort
  • Offer the support & stability you need while you swing
  • No laces, it has a DISC adjusting dial (just like BOA)
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof with a 1-year warranty


  • These shoes run 0.5 smaller.

Best Puma shoes for Wide Feet

IGNITE PWRADAPT CAGED (Spiked) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 5

This shoe is called PWRADAPT because it can adapt to any environment and any golfer.

It’s perfect for active golfers who are looking for more traction and comfort thanks to its IGNITE Foam cushioning platform, protective layered Adaptive Fit System, and 3-dimensional traction that adapts to your movement.

If that doesn’t excite you then maybe this will: The IGNITE foundation delivers Puma’s most advanced performance by combining lightweight materials with unsurpassed lateral stability.

Waterproof membrane keeps water out; Contoured arch support gives greater stability during your swings.

  • Super comfortable & roomy fit (which is great for wide footed golfers)
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent traction & stability


  • the block of fabric at the toe gets dirty really easily
  • Runs slightly large, order 0.5 size smaller.

Best Puma shoes for Arthritis & Plantar Fasciitis

IGNITE PWRADAPT CAGED (Spiked) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 5

The Puma Ignite PWRADAPT CAGED golf shoe is traction and comfort-driven shoe, which is what you would need if you have plantar fasciitis.

It’s also got a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry. In addition to traction and comfort, the shoe features a supportive layered Adaptive Fit System and 3-dimensional traction that adapts to your movements.

The IGNITE Foam cushioning platform ensures you stay comfortable during those long rounds, as well as giving you stability for those swings. It is best suited for active golfers, who will appreciate the traction and durability of this shoe.

This footwear has been made to adapt to any environment, making it a worthwhile investment if you’re a beginner golfer.


  • Take note that this should be ordered in half a size smaller than

Best Puma shoes for Ankle Support for Achilles Tendonitis

RS-G GOLF SHOES (Spikeless) – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 3

It is well known that a rocker bottom can reduce Achilles tendon strain. This has been proven by research and the single best shoe for reducing it in your feet are those with bulky & comfortable outsoles!

The traction with these shoes is great and the soft & responsive cushioning and comfort with these shoes is awesome.

If you have Achilles then this is the type of shoe that you would need.

These shoes are inspired by the popular running shoe RS-X3 but made for golfers with a lifestyle look that makes your feet comfortable and make you look stylish.


  • It’s has a slightly tight fit, so we recommend you order 0.5-1 size larger.

Best VALUE FOR MONEY (Spikeless)

IGNITE NXT DISC (Spikeless)Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 1

If you’re looking for a spikeless, then we voted IGNITE NXT DISC

If traction is something you’re looking for, then these shoes are made for you. The shoes also have a DISC adjusting dial. They are lightweight and have good arch support which is also suitable for flat feet.

The design of the shoes and the fact that it’s spikeless makes it possible to use it as normal regular shoes which means that you don’t have to worry about carrying two pairs around with you. These are some of the best Puma men’s golf shoes out there, according to us.


PROADAPT DELTA GOLF SHOES – Click here for Amazon & Puma

image 7
  • Adaptive Fit System

If you want to run in comfort, but still look cool, this is the shoe for you. You can wear it all day long, and still, feel comfortable.

  • Adapt Foam

It has new foam cushion technology that provides great stability and high energy return.

  • Full Grain Leather

Made of durable and quality Full-grain leather, while also making you look and feel good.

The traction is made with TPU spikes to provide traction on the greens.

The stability comes from the heel which features dual-density traction for excellent ground feel, torsional rigidity needed for the swing, and PWRADAPT pods which allow each cleat to interact independently with the ADAPT Foam.

Moreover, they offer form-fitting ankle support via their Adaptive Fit System that utilizes an Adaptive Wrap tongue that wraps around the foot.


  • It’s a little expensive than other Puma sho.
  • They run about a half size small.

Puma is a well-known shoe brand that specializes in providing high-quality shoes for all sorts of activities. Puma has been around for half a century and they have always strived to provide traction, comfort, dryness, and an overall great experience. They offer many different types of golf shoes – from spikeless RS-G golf shoes to spiked PROADAPT Delta Golf Shoes. These two pairs are one of our favourites because not only do they offer traction on any surface but also stability while you swing your club! We hope this article helped you find the best pair of Puma men’s golf shoes available for beginners or experienced players alike. Let us know what pairs we missed in the comments below!

• The article provides helpful information on some of the top Puma golf shoes for men.

• We do all the research so you don’t have to!

• Our reviews are sure to help your decision-making process about which shoe is best for you.

Finding the right pair of golf shoes can be a difficult task.

The traction and comfort vary from shoe to shoe, but there are many factors that go into finding the perfect pair for you.

We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to! Our reviews will help your decision-making process about which shoe is best for you. Let us know what pairs we missed in the comments below!


Are Puma golf shoes good for wide feet?

Depending on the shoe, of course, some are suitable for wide feet and some aren’t. There are golf shoes by Puma that are good for wide feet.

One shoe that is recommended by us is the IGNITE PWRADAPT CAGED which gives you the feeling of roomy fit and comfort.

Are Puma golf shoes waterproof?

Puma is using a waterproof membrane and leather upper on some of their trainers to make them waterproof. This is by no means a comprehensive protection system against water, however, as they’ll only function as long as the membrane remains sealed and dry.

If you want waterproof shoes that you can play golf in without worrying about getting your feet wet then I recommend looking for RS-G Golf Shoes.

What is the best waterproof golf shoe?

RS-G Golf Shoes are the best waterproof golf shoes in our opinion. They come with a membrane that is both breathable and waterproof, which means you can wear them all day whether it’s raining or not. The flexible leather upper is comfortable, cleanable, and durable.

RS-G Golf Shoes provide protection from mud, rain, and dew in the morning through thick insulation in the soles like most golf shoes. This makes it one of the best for when your game ends up on some wet grass following a light rain! And these shoes are fashionable enough they’ll still look great at the 18th hole.

Do Puma golf shoes run large or small?

If you’ve read this article then you know that the majority of Puma shoes run slightly smaller (by 0.5-1 size), which shows that this is a recurring issue among Puma’s designs.
However it’s not a very big deal, you can avoid this issue by just ordering the 1/2 size larger and you’ll be fine.

Does Puma make golf balls?

Cobra does not make golf balls. However, if you go over to their website ( you will see that they make and sell all types of golf products including shoes, apparel, socks, speakers, bags etc, but apparently, they don’t make golf balls or clubs.

What are the latest Puma golf shoes?

Here’s a list of the latest golf shoes (as of Sep 16th 2021)

– Puma 193825, Quiet Shade Black Team Gold
– Puma 194542, Black Silver
– PUMA Ignite Pwradapt Caged Team USA
– Puma 193850, White-Quarry
– Puma White Silver Quarry
– Puma High Rise Island Green
– PUMA Ignite PWRADAPT Caged Flash FM Golf Shoes Medium 7
– PUMA 194699

Why Wear a Puma Golf Shoe?

There are many reasons to use Puma golf shoes, evident by their traction, comfort, dryness and stylishness.

Traction is probably the most important feature of any shoe because it’s keeping the shoe grounded on wet or dry surfaces.

If you know you have problems with traction then I recommend choosing a rubber sole for your next pair because they will give you reliable traction on just about any surface.

Comfort is another thing that needs to be considered when shopping for golf shoes because this factor makes or breaks how well someone can play without feeling tired.

Puma takes comfort very seriously which is why they’ve added features like ventilating outsole linings to keep air flowing through and prevent foot perspiration from building up inside your shoe

Does Puma make good golf shoes?

We recommend a Puma golf shoe. They have traction, comfort, and dryness. Examples include the Ignite Pwradapt Caged with dry waterproofing which will allow one to play in rain or shine. They are also stylish enough to wear out on the course with friends.

Are golf shoes better than sneakers?

Golf shoes are always better for golfing than sneakers because they offer traction, comfort, dryness and stability. Sneakers come in many varieties but none of them can rival those essential features that a well-made pair of golf shoes can offer.

Sneakers are usually made for comfort and style which they do very well but golf shoes need to be comfortable in addition to traction, dryness and stability because your feet will be on the course all day walking around with them on!

What is the main difference between men’s Puma golf shoes?

The biggest difference between the men’s Puma golf shoes is that some have a membrane that is both breathable and waterproof, whereas others do not.
The wrong golf shoe can make your game suffer.