Best Waterproof Golf Shoes for Men Review

Are you looking for a waterproof golf shoe?

Are you tired of getting your feet wet while playing golf?

We have the solution for you! Our article will give you all the information that you need to know about them. You’ll be able to find out which are the best waterproof shoes available on the market so that your game can go on rain or shine!

A waterproof pair of shoes is a must for the avid golfer who wants to enjoy their game in all types of weather. For golfers, this also means they need to find a waterproof golf shoe that also provides comfort, traction and grip on any surface.

There are so many options available today that it can be difficult to make your choice, so we decided to write a guide to help you narrow your choices.

Not only will we tell you what makes a shoe good, but we’ll also show you some of our favourite options in terms of price and quality.

This way, it won’t matter if this is your first time buying a pair or if 10 pairs were previously. All that’s left for us is to provide all the links and information so that you can buy them right away!

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Best Waterproof Skechers shoes

Torque Twist (Soft Spikes)

Torque Twist


  • Combination of waterproof & extreme comfort
  • Great fit straight out of the box without break-in period
  • Lightweight
  • BOA system which means No laces required
  • 1-year Waterproof guarantee


  • A person said his waterproof guarantee wasn’t honored, which is the case with most big brands on Amazon

Best Waterproof Adidas shoes




  • In our opinion, this is the best waterproof golf shoe out of all others.
  • Made of durable recycled polyster material
  • Mid-high design offers greater ankle stability
  • Soft spikes for excellent traction especially on wet turf.


  • Mid-high shoes means they take more time to put on and take off

Best Waterproof Nike shoes

Nike React Infinity Pro (Spikes)

Nike react infinity pro


  • Lightweight & comfortable with smooth and responsive feel
  • NIKESKIN technology makes it waterproof & breathable
  • Wide spikes that are designed for extra traction


  • Runs about 0.5 size small

Best Waterproof Puma shoes

RS-G GOLF SHOES (Spikeless)

image 3


  • Waterproof material (Seam Sealed Upper & microfibre leather)
  • Perfect blend between golf shoes & running shoes
  • Spikeless traction pattern for excellent grip on the turf


  • It runs small, be careful before ordering and order a full 1.0 size up.
  • Can be a little tight, so not suitable if you have a wide feet

Best Waterproof ECCO Golf shoes

Biom Hybrid Hydromax (Spikeless)

Biom Hybrid Hydromax
  • Waterproof leather material
  • Excellent traction with 100 mini traction bars
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Super Comfortable


  • A customer reported that traction isn’t very good
  • Another customer reported that it isn’t comfortable





  • In our opinion, this has the best value for money on this list.
  • Complete Waterproof protection
  • Durable polyster, comfort, stability and traction.


  • Mid-high shoes take more time to put on and off

If you have a dry golf course, or if it’s raining and the ground is wet, waterproof shoes are a must for your game. But which should you buy?

Our in-depth article will walk you through our most recommended pair of waterproof golf shoes so your decision becomes easier!

• A complete guide on the different waterproof shoes available

• Reasons you need a waterproof golf shoe

• Ways to find the right pair for you

• Tips and tricks on how to care for your dry waterproof shoes


How important is waterproof golf shoes?

Your golf shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and provide traction on wet surfaces. If you’re playing in the rain or if it’s wet everywhere where you’re playing, make sure that waterproofing isn’t an issue with these shoes!

So they prevent water from soaking through to your socks and feet and causing distress and distraction from your golf session.

Are golf shoes water proof?

Golf shoes are not all equal, it depends on the brand and type of shoe you want. Most of them claim to be waterproof, even though some of them aren’t really waterproof, that was the reason we created this article because of the misinformation and the huge number of options available to us so you can spend less time searching around the web before making your informed decision.

Are Gore Tex golf shoes waterproof?

Gore-Tex is a brand that produces waterproof & breathable fabric to keep your feet dry and breathable so sweat can also dry out.

Some brands like ECCO have used this technology of Gore-Tex in their golf shoes to make their products even better.

Do you need winter and summer golf shoes?

If you’re a golfer that takes golfing a little bit more seriously than a beginner golfer who goes to the court every weekend and enjoys it as a holiday then you probably need to invest in another pair because each Winter & summer are completely different weather conditions and so each will also require a set of features.

For example, you might be wearing a comfortable spikeless sandal in summer, but for winter you’ll need a mid-high golf shoe with spikes.

Can you make your golf shoes waterproof?

Investing in golf shoes made from proper waterproof materials such as leather or polyester is the most ideal option. However, if you badly want to play golf in a wet condition without buying another pair of shoes, then you still have another option which we will explain here.

  1. Apple Bran Garde Rain & Stain Water Repellent (Waterproof spray), suitable for leather only.
  2. Kiwi boot protector (waterproof spray), suitable for dark coloured leather ,it adds a silicone layer on the outside to repel water away, suitable for any outdoor activity and not just golf.
  3. Crep Protect Cure Kit, Ultimate Rain and Stain Shoe Spray – (waterproof spray) suitable for all fabric shoes – all round shoe protection by adding 2 layers of protection (nano-technology layer and a resin layer).
  4. Rust-oleum neverwet (water repellant spray), suitable for any type of shoes.
  5. Beeswax (water repellant layer), suitable for fabric shoes.
  6. Candle wax (water repellant layer), suitable for fabric shoes.

How often should you waterproof your shoes?

It depends on the material of the shoe, the environment (is it wet & muddy or dry & sunny?), how often you plan golf etc. All that play a factor in determining the answer to this question. In general, it can range from once every 2 golf sessions, to once every 2 months, you can use your own judgement when you see clues that tell you it’s time to re-spray your golf shoes, for example, if it gets dirty and needs a cleaning, it probably is time for re-proofing.

Does waterproofing shoes affect breathability?

In general, waterproof protection and breathability have an opposite relationship, if you want maximum waterproof protection, then breathability will likely suffer, and vice versa. So it’s best to have a balance between the two and know what the climate looks like where you golf. Is it hot & sunny? you’ll likely need the highest breathability. Is it wet & rainy? you’ll need the best waterproof. Is the weather sometimes rainy and sometimes sunny? You’ll have to decide between a golf shoe that has a balance of both, or 2 pairs that are suitable for each environmental condition.

Are mesh golf shoes waterproof?

Generally, the mesh is NOT waterproof, there are golf shoe brands that advertise their shoes that are made of mesh as waterproof, but in fact, they will never be 100% waterproof like a shoe made of leather or polyester. They may be built in a way that makes them good at being water-resistant to light rain or morning dew, but I wouldn’t trust them with stepping into a puddle.

What’s the difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

Waterproof shoes keep your feet completely dry when in contact with water. Water-resistant shoes do not, they resist water only to some degree, they are good for limited exposure in rain or wet areas.