What do Golf Retail Managers do?

Golf Retail Managers (also known as Golf Club managers) are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a golf retail store. This includes overseeing all sales and merchandising activities, as well as managing staff and ensuring that customer service levels are maintained. If you are interested in a career in golf retail, then this post will … Read more

Hole in One – Hall of Fame

It’s an Elite Fraternity… Players that have Carded a “One” Unique to the game of golf is that any player can make a hole-in-one. Sometimes players make an ace in the first year they start playing… other times low handicap players go years and years without ever getting one to go down. This unique element … Read more

What is a Golf Caddy?

Do you ever see people carrying golf clubs and walking beside a golfer and wonder what they are called? They are usually called caddies.  What does that mean, exactly? If you look in the dictionary: you’ll find: “a small storage container, typically one with divisions.” But it’s a little different when we are talking about … Read more