Do I need golf shoes for playing golf?

So you’ve decided to start practising or playing golf, and now you’re wondering if golf shoes are necessary.

Golf shoes definitely offer a number of benefits that can affect your swing and make the game more enjoyable, but do you need golf shoes to play golf?

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of wearing golf shoes and how they can affect your swing.

Golf shoes can really make a difference in your game. 

They can help you keep your footing, enable you to make better contact with the ground, and if they’re stylish, they can get you a few compliments as well.

Are golf shoes Really Necessary for beginners?

Short answer:

From a rules standpoint: No, they are not necessary.

As long as you don’t damage the green, you are allowed to wear any type of shoes (running, tennis, casual, regular shoes, etc) or even sandals if you wish. There are also some courses that even allow barefoot.

Are golf shoes Really Necessary?

So, what to wear if you don’t own golf shoes?

There are many alternatives you can use, ideally, any shoes that feel comfortable on your feet, preferably a pair of running shoes that has good traction, and are also waterproof or breathable depending on the weather.

With that being said, let’s discuss how necessary golf shoes are from the benefits standpoint.

Long answer:

Whether or not someone needs a pair of golf shoes depends on the player and what golf means to them. 

If you’re just trying out the sport, then you probably don’t need to spend money on golf shoes if you’re not even sure yet you’ll use them again in the future. 

Especially since you’ll be practising the basics of golf in the first few sessions and focusing on handling the golf club, positioning and swinging.

So in the beginning you’ll not be teeing off like pros, your swings will start slow until you get the technique right, for this reason, you will not feel the benefit of the shoes.

Are golf shoes Really Necessary for experienced golfers?

If golf is a hobby, then you are a little more committed and serious about golf, so investing in a good pair of golf shoes will be definitely worth it.

Some benefits of golf shoes include(which we will explain below)

  1. Support & Comfort
  2. Speed & Distance
  3. Traction
  4. Versatility
  5. Waterproof & Breathability

But if you’re one of those who have been playing golf for a while, then you already know the benefits of golf shoes and probably will not be reading this post in the first place.

If golf is a career, then you probably have tried dozens of golf shoes and have a wardrobe full of them.

What’s the difference between golf shoes and running shoes?

Of course, there are some features that overlap with regular running shoes, like being

  1. lightweight
  2. comfortable
  3. breathable
  4. supportive
  5. etc

So by now, you might be asking, what is the point of golf shoes?

What makes golf shoes different?

Well, golf shoes don’t stop here.

For example, they often have spikes to help with grip, to help them get more traction on the greens while swinging their club against the ball. 

In short, golf shoes are designed specifically for the sport of golf and provide unique features that help golfers in a variety of different ways. 

From traction to comfort to versatility, golf shoes can help golfers enjoy their game while performing at their best.

How do golf shoes help your swing?

Golf shoes have a direct effect on your swings. 

How positively or negatively your swing is affected by your golf shoes depends on the type & quality or your shoes and the weather & course conditions.

There are 6 ways in total that it can affect your swing: (1)

1) Stance Stability & Balance

Stability and balance are two important factors in maintaining a consistent golf swing. 

Your feet should be planted firmly on the ground, and your weight should be evenly distributed in order to create a strong foundation. 

2) Support & Comfort

Cheap golf shoes may not provide the necessary support and comfort, resulting in a loss of balance and an inconsistent swing. 

In addition, poorly-fitting golf shoes can cause blisters and other foot problems. For these reasons, it’s important to choose golf shoes that fit well and provide adequate support. 

3) Speed & Distance

The golf shoes you wear have an impact on your swing speed. 

A study on the kinetics of golf swing found a relation between golf shoes and swing speed. The study found that force was generated more efficiently in golfers wearing golf shoes compared to those wearing regular sports shoes. This means that clubhead speed will be higher, and ultimately, increase distance. (1)

4) Traction

Traction is key when swinging a golf club. 

You want your feet to be planted firmly on the ground so you can transfer your weight and generate power without slipping, especially when golfing during morning dew, wet or muddy conditions. 

That’s why many golfers choose to wear golf shoes with spikes, which provide extra traction and stability. They come in two types, with spikes or spikeless (special treads that help to increase traction). There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but that’s for another post.

This can provide an extra level of stability, as well as help you to generate more speed, power, accuracy, consistent shots and distance. 

5) Versatility

Finally, versatile golf shoes that are both waterproof and breathable can be a major asset on wet or humid days.  Golf shoes are supposed to be more versatile than other shoes and should provide an advantage on certain types of terrain. 

Whether you’re playing on an awkward slope, flat surface, turf or sand, then they can help you with that, depending on the type & quality of course, because not all golf shoes are created equal. 

6) Waterproof & Breathability

By keeping your feet dry and comfortable, they can help you avoid swing problems caused by sweaty hands or slippery conditions.

Waterproof and breathable golf shoes are important to having a successful round, no matter the weather conditions (both winter & summer). 

Waterproof materials keep your feet dry when playing in wet conditions, while breathable materials allow your feet to stay cool and dry from sweat when playing in hot summers. 

Wet feet can slip inside the shoe, which can throw off your entire swing. So, dry feet mean happy feet, and happy feet mean a better golf game. 

So if you suffer from wet feet, whether it’s external (like morning dew or rain) or internal (like sweating), then be sure to choose a pair of golf shoes that will help you solve this problem.


  • Golf shoes are an important piece of equipment for any golfer (unless you’re trying out golf). 
  • The purpose of golf shoes is to actually help golfers play at their best on various surfaces, terrains and weather conditions. 
  • They provide stability and traction on the green, whether the course is wet or dry. 
  • Different golfers have different preferences when it comes to shoes, and with so many different types of golf shoes on the market, it is important to choose a pair that is right for your individual needs.