What is a Golf Caddy?

Do you ever see people carrying golf clubs and walking beside a golfer and wonder what they are called? They are usually called caddies. 

What does that mean, exactly?

If you look in the dictionary: you’ll find:

“a small storage container, typically one with divisions.”

But it’s a little different when we are talking about “Golf Caddy”. A Golf caddy is someone who carries a golfer’s equipment for them and gives them advice on how to play the course. 

Not all golf courses have caddies available, but if you have the chance to use one, it can be a great experience! 

Caddies can help you choose the right club for each shot, give you recommendations on where to put your ball, and even clean your clubs after you finish playing.  If you’re looking to improve your game, using a caddy can be a great way to do it!

What are the Responsibilities of a Caddy?

  1. Help the golfer using a ForeCaddy.
  2. Know where the golf ball lands on the course.
  3. Ensure that all required clubs are in the bag
  4. Hand clubs to the golfer.
  5. Clean the golf clubs throughout the game.
  6. Fixing damages to the golf greens that are caused by the golfer
  7. Fix damages to sand traps and bunkers, & make them as they found it.
  8. Remove the pin (flag) once the golfer putts, then put it back in.
  9. Have sufficient knowledge of golf
  10. Advice the golfer on his next shot (technique, golf club type, etc).
  11. Know distances to the greens.
  12. Be familiar with the golf course

What skills does a caddy need?

The following are skills that make a great caddy according to zippia.

  1. Understanding of the different Golf Clubs.
  2. Professional Relationships
  3. Familiarity & Knowledge of the golf Course
  4. Communication skills with their golfer  
  5. Caddy skills (knowing what to do & to avoid)
  6. Scholarship (like Evans Scholarship)

Is it hard to caddy?

Caddying is simple, but can be a difficult job because:

  1. the caddy must know all the complicated rules of golf and have good etiquette. 
  2. They must also be able to carry the bag, which can be heavy, and walk 18 holes. 
  3. The caddy must also be able to read the greens and help the golfer with club selection. 

If you’re still interested in becoming a Caddy but want more information, this YouTube video will give a great general overview of the job.

How much does a golf caddy make?

The following table from Zippia shows the average annual, monthly & hourly rates.

The average salaries are as follows:

  1. Annual salary: $31,000/year
  2. Monthly salary: $2,600/month
  3. Hourly salary: $15/hour
image 1

Per hour

  1. Teenage Caddie: $15-30
  2. Amateur Caddie: $25-30
  3. Professional Caddie: $45-50

Percentage (common for PGA caddies):

It’s common for a PGA caddy to be paid on a percentage basis on top of a base salary (which is usually $1k-$2k).

  1. If a golfer wins a tournament, Caddy gets paid 10% of the winnings.
  2. If a golfer finishes in the top 10, Caddy gets paid 7% of the winnings.
  3. If a golfer finishes out of the top 10, Caddy gets paid 5% of the winnings.

Who is the richest caddy in golf?

The world’s top 3 earners as caddies are:

  1. Jimmy Johnson [i]
  2. Jonathan Jakovac [ii]
  3. Austin Johnson [iii]

How much do you tip a caddie?

Caddies play a vital role in the game, keeping the course in good condition and ensuring that players abide by the rules.

As such, it is important to show your appreciation for their hard work by tipping them generously.

The standard tip for a caddie is 40% to 50% of the green fee, or $50-100 in total.

How do you get a job as a caddy?

Many people dream of working in the golf industry but don’t know where to start. 

The best way to break into the business is to become a caddy. 

Although it may seem like a low-level position, caddies play an important role in the game of golf. 

They are responsible for carrying the players’ clubs, providing them with information about the course, and giving them moral support. 

In addition, caddies often have the opportunity to interact with some of the world’s top golfers. 

If you are interested in becoming a caddy, there are a few things you need to do. 

  1. First, research the requirements at your local golf course 
  2. Second, make sure you have the proper attire and equipment. 
  3. Third, be prepared to work hard and learn as much as you can about the game of golf.
  4. Lastly, be patient and don’t give up. It may take some time before you land your dream job as a caddy.

At what age can you become a caddy?

The minimum age is 13 years old, but most golf courses will require the caddie to be at least 14 years old.


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