Golf balls have an essential role to play in your golf game. The right golf ball can enhance your performance, while a subpar one can hinder your progress.

One brand of golf balls that has been gaining popularity is Kirkland. But who makes Kirkland golf balls? This question has sparked quite an impression in the golf industry.

The History of Golf Balls

Golf balls have undergone significant transformations over the centuries, from the feather-filled leather pouches of yesteryears to the urethane golf balls today. These advancements in golf ball technology have greatly influenced the golf game, improving accuracy and performance.

Understanding Kirkland Signature Brand

Kirkland is a brand under which Costco sells various products, from food items to golf equipment. Kirkland guarantees equal or higher quality when compared to leading national brands. Their golf clubs and balls are no exception to this Kirkland signature’s guarantee.

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls: An Overview

Kirkland golf balls are a popular choice among amateur and professional golfers. They offer a soft feel, high spin, and superior performance, all at an affordable price.

A popular golf ball in the Kirkland line is the Kirkland Signature Tour Performance, a premium ball that offers maximum distance and a soft urethane cover.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls

Qingdao SM Parker manufactures Kirkland golf balls. While Costco does sell golf clubs under the Kirkland brand, it does not manufacture golf equipment. Instead, it partners with manufacturers like Qingdao SM Parker to create the Kirkland golf balls.

Comparing Kirkland Golf Balls with Other Brands

Compared to Titleist or Taylormade golf balls, Kirkland balls hold their own. They offer a high-spin golf ball that is perfect for iron shots, and their three-piece ball design appeals to both amateur and mid-level golfers. Many golfers find that the Kirkland golf ball improves accuracy and carry distance.

Kirkland Golf Balls: The Manufacturer Behind the Scenes

Understanding who makes Kirkland golf balls adds value to their perception in the golf market. Qingdao SM Parker, the manufacturer behind Kirkland golf balls, works with Costco to ensure they deliver quality products.

This manufacturer also collaborates with Costco on Kirkland golf clubs, another key offering from the Kirkland Signature brand.

High Spin and Kirkland Signature Balls

High-spin golf balls, such as the Kirkland Signature golf ball, are favored by golfers who want superior control on the green. The Kirkland golf balls are designed with a soft urethane cover, which increases spin and provides excellent control for precision shots.

Understanding the Construction of Kirkland Golf Balls

The Kirkland golf balls feature a three-piece design, making them a versatile choice for many players. The core of these balls is designed to maximize distance, while the mantle layer works with the cover to optimize spin. The soft urethane cover provides a soft feel and high spin for control.

The durability of Kirkland Golf Balls

When it comes to the endurance of a golf ball, cracking golf balls are a golfer’s nightmare. However, Kirkland golf balls are known for their durability. Manufactured using high-quality materials, these balls are designed to withstand the intense impact of golf swings, reducing the likelihood of cracking.

Comparing Kirkland Golf Balls with Other Brands

The debate on who makes Kirkland golf balls often leads to a comparison between Kirkland and other popular brands. Kirkland balls stand out in their performance and price compared to other golf balls.

Despite their affordable cost, these balls offer comparable performance to higher-priced urethane golf balls from other brands, solidifying Kirkland’s position in the golf market.

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Varieties

Kirkland Signature golf balls come in various styles to suit different swing speeds. Whether you’re looking for a high-spin ball or a ball designed for maximum distance, you’ll find it in the Kirkland line. For example, the Kirkland Signature Tour Performance is a three-piece ball that has received rave reviews from players.

Performance of Kirkland Golf Balls

Kirkland golf balls deliver superior quality at an affordable price, making them great for most golfers. From the tee to the pitching wedge, players have asserted Kirkland Signature’s guarantee of providing equal or superior performance compared to more expensive, premium balls.

Cost-Effectiveness of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

When it comes to budget golf balls, Kirkland balls top the list. Sold at Costco stores and on the Costco website, Kirkland offers quality balls sold at a fraction of the price of premium balls from other brands. This has led to Kirkland Balls being among the top-selling golf balls in the market.

The Future of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Kirkland has already made a name for itself in the golf world with its high-quality, affordable golf equipment. With the continued success of Kirkland golf balls and golf clubs, we can expect even more from this brand.

Costco’s Involvement in the Golf Market

Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand, known for offering products of equal or higher quality compared to leading brands, also extends to the realm of golf. Indeed, Costco sells golf clubs, golf balls, and other golf equipment under the Kirkland Signature name. A commitment to quality materials and value for money distinguishes their products.

Exploring Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Kirkland Signature golf balls, also called Costco golf balls, are high-performance balls that offer a blend of distance, spin, and control. The most popular golf ball in the line, the Kirkland ball, has a soft feel and high spin, providing superior control around the greens. These balls are built with premium materials that offer great performance on the course.

Kirkland’s Manufacturing Process

So, who manufactures Kirkland golf balls? The answer is Qingdao SM Parker. But it’s important to note that the Southern California Design Company, a collaborator of Costco, guides the design and specifications. Together, they ensure the balls are made to premium quality standards and maintain a competitive edge in the golf market.

The Controversy Surrounding Kirkland Golf Balls

A few years back, Costco found itself in a legal battle when it was alleged that the Kirkland Signature balls infringed on patents held by Titleist, another popular golf ball brand.

Titleist balls, known for their premium quality and high performance, claimed that Kirkland’s balls had design similarities that were too close for comfort. However, Costco alleging this was not the case, managed to resolve the dispute without impacting the sale or production of their golf balls.

Comparing Kirkland Signature Golf Balls with Other Brands

Compared to other brands, such as Callaway golf clubs or Titleist balls, Kirkland is a high-quality yet budget golf ball. Despite the lower price point, the performance of Kirkland golf balls often matches or exceeds that of other popular golf balls. The balls provide a soft feel and high spin rates, appealing to golfers of all swing speeds.

Understanding Golf Ball Construction

The construction of a golf ball plays a significant role in its performance. Piece golf balls, such as two-piece or three-piece golf balls, refer to the number of layers in a ball.

For instance, a two-piece ball has a core and a cover, while a three-piece ball has a core, mantle, and cover. Kirkland golf balls typically feature a three-piece construction, balancing distance, control, and spin.

Swing Speed and Golf Ball Performance

Swing speed, a critical factor in golf, greatly influences which golf ball a player should use. Like Titleist golf balls, golfers with higher swing speeds typically benefit from balls designed for maximum control and spin.

However, for players with moderate swing speeds, a ball that offers a good balance between distance and control, such as the Kirkland golf ball, might be more suitable.

Kirkland Golf Clubs

In addition to golf balls, Costco also sells Kirkland golf clubs. Like their Kirkland golf balls, these clubs are known for their quality construction and affordable price. They offer a variety of clubs to cater to different types of shots and player preferences, reinforcing their commitment to providing accessible golf equipment.

Kirkland Golf Ball: The Budget Golf Ball Revolution

The Kirkland golf ball comes to mind when thinking about a budget golf ball that doesn’t compromise on performance. Manufactured by Qingdao SM Parker and sold at Costco, these balls have gained popularity among golfers due to their impressive playability and affordable price.

Comparison of Kirkland and Other Brands

The manufacturer of Kirkland golf balls ensures they stand toe-to-toe with top brands in the industry. Compared to other popular golf balls, such as the Titleist golf balls, the Kirkland golf balls offer comparable performance and durability, often at a fraction of the price.

Performance Under Pressure

One potential issue that golfers might face while playing golf with any brand of ball is cracking. Cracking golf balls can be common, especially in cold weather or when a ball has been heavily used. However, Kirkland balls have shown impressive durability in various golfing conditions, making them a reliable choice.


So, who makes Kirkland golf balls? The answer is Qingdao SM Parker. And while Kirkland may not manufacture its golf equipment, it does ensure that its products, including golf balls, are of superior quality.

The Kirkland golf balls have made their mark worldwide, offering golfers a premium ball at a budget price. Happy golfing!

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