In the intricate ballet of golf, each shot is a brushstroke on the game’s canvas. But one stroke stands above the rest in its rarity and awe-inspiring wonder—the Condor.

Dive in as we unravel the mystery and magic of this extremely rare accomplishment in the mesmerizing world of golf.


The world of golf is rife with intriguing terminologies that add charm and complexity to the game. The lingo is as vibrant as the game, from double bogey to eagle and birdie.

Nestled within these terms is a gem known as the ‘Condor.’ This rare occurrence in the golf world epitomizes skill, luck, and sheer surprise.

A Deep Dive into Golf Terminologies

Golf terms like birdie, par, and double eagle are familiar to the average golfer, each denoting a specific number of strokes a golfer has taken relative to the par number of a hole. In this context, a Condor refers to scoring four under par.

Essentially, it’s when a golfer manages to get the golf ball into the hole with four shots less than the hole’s par rating. It’s also known as a ‘double albatross’ or a ‘triple eagle’.

What is a Condor in Golf?

A Condor in golf is achieving the seemingly impossible. It’s essentially hitting a hole-in-one on a par five hole or scoring two on a par six hole, which is an achievement one on a par with the most remarkable feats in the sport.

The odds of achieving a Condor are astronomically high, requiring a near-miraculous combination of the perfect tee shot, an exceptional second shot, and favorable conditions on the golf course.

How Rare is a Condor in Golf?

Scoring a Condor in golf is considered one of the rarest feats in the sport. Even professional golfers on the PGA Tour, well-known for their skill and precision, have yet to record a Condor. To understand the rarity, consider that while a hole-in-one at sea level is already rare, a Condor is significantly more elusive.

A Peek into Golf History

Tracing golf’s history, the term ‘Condor’ has only been recorded a handful of times, reflecting its rare status. From the lush fairways of the Teign Valley Golf Club in Christow, England, to the greens of Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver, each instance of a Condor has been etched in the annals of golf history.

Famous Condor Moments in Golf

There are only a few documented Condors in golf. In 1962, Larry Bruce achieved a Condor on the fifth hole at the Hope Country Club in Arkansas.

Another one was scored by Jack Bartlett in 2006 on a par six hole at the Piedmont Crescent Golf Course in Burlington. These instances serve as milestones in the golf world, highlighting the magnitude of achieving a Condor.

The Incredible Tales of Condors

Every tale of a Condor has a thrilling narrative of its own. The recorded Condors, including those by Larry Bruce, Jack Bartlett, Shaun Lynch, and Kevin Pon, each have an exciting story surrounding them. Larry Bruce’s Condor was a stroke of luck for an average golfer.

Jack Bartlett’s achievement at the Piedmont Crescent Golf Course brought the rare shot to the limelight. Shaun Lynch, from New South Wales, demonstrated the perfect combination of skill and luck at the Lake Chabot Golf Course.

Similarly, Kevin Pon left his mark in the annals of golf’s history with his performance at the same course.

Anatomy of a Condor Shot

Achieving a Condor is a symphony of factors coming together. The ball, struck from the tee box, must travel a great distance accurately and end up in the hole in one shot on a par five or two images on a par six hole.

The average golfer may think it’s a mere game of luck, but a Condor requires far more than that. It’s about the angle of the hit, the speed, the wind direction, and even the altitude of the golf course. All these variables play a role in this rarest feat. All these variables play a significant role in making this rarest feat on a golf hole possible.

Hope Country Club and the Legend of Condor

The Hope Country Club holds a significant place in the golf world as it witnessed one of the first recorded Condors by Larry Bruce.

This feat achieved in 1962 was all the more incredible because Bruce, an average golfer, managed to hit his tee shot from the tee box straight into the hole on a par 5, a feat considered almost mythical in the golf world.

Lake Chabot Golf Course: A Field for Condors

Another historical site for Condors is the Lake Chabot Golf Course. The 18th hole here, a par 6, is where two golfers have scored a Condor, making it an iconic hole in golf.

These instances have added to the rich legacy of Lake Chabot Golf, making it a focal point for those fascinated with the Condor.

Remembering the Unforgettable Condor Moments at Lake Chabot Golf Course

The Lake Chabot Golf Course has been the site of two remarkable Condors. The first was by Shaun Lynch of New South Wales, who scored a two on a par six hole using a 3-iron from 496 yards at sea level.

The second instance occurred when Kevin Pon scored a two on the same 18th hole, etching his name into golf’s history alongside Lynch.

Beyond the PGA Tour: Condor Moments

While the PGA Tour boasts some of the best golfers and the most exciting moments in golf, no recorded Condor has occurred during a PGA event.

The rarity of this shot makes it even more unique when it happens at lesser-known courses, such as the Piedmont Crescent Golf, Teign Valley Golf Club, and Lake Chabot Golf Course.

These courses now hold a special place in golf history, attracting golf enthusiasts worldwide, hoping to emulate the rare feat.

Conquering the Longest Hole: The Journey to a Condor

The longest hole recorded in golf is a 1,100-yard Par 7 in South Korea. While achieving a condor on a par seven would be a monumental task, it represents the epitome of challenge and achievement in golf.

For those daring enough to venture, the journey to a Condor begins at the tee box and ends in glory at the green. It’s a journey filled with precision, strength, luck and a bit of golf magic.

Significance of a Condor in Golf

The significance of a Condor in golf is immense. Achieving a Condor can drastically alter the game’s score and outcome. It’s a testament to the golfer’s skill and, quite often, a generous slice of luck. It is a beacon for all golfers, a rare feat that humbles and inspires.

Striving for a Condor: Tips and Techniques

While it’s true that a Condor requires a great deal of luck, it’s also about precision, power, and an exceptional understanding of the game.

From mastering the art of the tee shot to adjusting to the terrain of the fairway, a combination of factors can increase the odds, albeit slightly, of achieving this rarest shot in golf.

Conclusion: The Elusive Condor

Scoring a Condor in golf is a rare gem, a feat recorded only a handful of times in the game’s long and storied history.

It remains one of the rarest and most desired achievements in the sport, a testament to the beauty and unpredictability of golf. So, as you walk the fairways and aim for the greens, remember that every shot holds the potential for something truly extraordinary.

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