Hole in One – Hall of Fame

It’s an Elite Fraternity… Players that have Carded a “One”

Unique to the game of golf is that any player can make a hole-in-one. Sometimes players make an ace in the first year they start playing… other times low handicap players go years and years without ever getting one to go down. This unique element of the game is just one of the many unique things we all love about golf.

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Apple Mountain Golf’s Hole-in-One Hall of Fame

Ken Seborowski

Date: March 18, 2013

Ken Seborowski got a Hole-In-One on Hole #4 124 yds, with a Taylormade RAC 9 iron. This is his second Hole-in-One. Played with John Mackay.

Christine Tomer

Date: August 6th, 2013

Christine Tomer got a Hole-In-One on Hole #4, 109 yards using a 5 Wood. The Hole-In-One was witnessed by Bill Brown, Keith Woltman and Bennett Donalds. This is Ms Tomer’s 1st Hole-In-One and her comments. “Wow. this is my 1st time out this year and this is the 1st time using a 5 wood ever!”

William Lynn

Date: August 12th, 2013

William Lynn got a Hole-In-One on Hole #10 at 135 yards using a 7 wood 24-degree loft. His witnesses were Rose Lynn and John Williams. Mr Lynn’s comments, “Landed softly @ a yard out and rolled in!”

Daniel Sherwood

Date: Aug 31, 2014

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Hackettstown’s Sherwood notches a hole in one.

Hackettstown’s Daniel “Chip” Sherwood realized every golfer’s dream on August 31 when he scored a hole in one at Apple Mountain Golf Club in White Township.

The 45-year-old has been playing golf for 26 years but an ace has always eluded him. Until he teed off from the 140 yard 18th hole. Using a Ping 9 Iron, Sherwood sent his ball flying toward the cup.

“I saw it tracking towards the hole and my friend Jason said that it looks like a hole in one,” said Sherwood, who was playing with Jason Smith and his father Dan. “It hit in front of the hole and disappeared. We all just screamed and I hugged my dad. And then the foursome behind us came up and heard them yelling and they all shook my hand. It was awesome.”

Ironically, Sherwood had a rough front nine, he admitted but ended up with a career-best 36 on the back nine, capped by that magical moment every golfer aims for.

Ken Seborowski

Date: April 5th, 2014

Ken Seborowski of Wallington, NJ scored a Hole-In-One on April 5, 2014. Ken used a TaylorMade RAC 9 iron-on Hole # 10, 120 yards. It was witnessed by John Mackay and Mike Colacci. Ken has been fortunate enough to have had two previous Hole-In-Ones. Congratulations to a great golfer!

Terry D. Breidigan

When: June 4, 2011

Terry D. Breidigan scored a hole-in-one on the 4th Hole, 123 yds. using a 9 iron. Congratulations to Terry.

Jared Yelen

Date: June 20th, 2014

Apple Mountain had its first Hole in One of the 2014 seasons by Jared Yelen of Kinnelon, NJ on Hole #10, 130 yds. Using a 52 degree Gap Wedge. Jared’s Hole in One was witnessed by Jason Yelen and Jerry Zemaitis.

Carol Hufnagel

Date: August 20th, 2014

Carol Hufnagel of Ann Arbor, MI hit a Hole In One, on Hole #9 at 100 yds. using her 7 iron. Carol’s Hole in One was witnessed by Bob Hufnagel and Manuel Walls.

Dan Sherwood

Date: August 31st, 2014

Dan Sherwood of Hackettstown, NJ hit a Hole In One, on Hole #18 at 140 yds. using a Ping 9 iron. Dan’s Hole in One was witnessed by Dan Sherwood Jr. and Jason Smith.

Wally “Butch” Sloyer

Date: September 10th, 2014

Wally “Butch” Sloyer of Milford, NJ hit a Hole In One, on Hole #15 at 170 yds. using his TaylorMade Burner 5 iron. Butch’s Hole in One was witnessed by Bert Cannavo and Bob Murray. It was his first Hole in One.

Peter Norman

Date: September 22nd, 2014

While playing in the final Mountain View League match of the season scored his first hole in one on the 4th hole, Par 3, 120 yards with a 9 iron. Congratulations Pete!

Jim MacDonough

Jim MacDonough of Blairstown, scored his first hole in one on the 15th hole, Par 3, 172 yards with a hybrid. Congratulations Jim!

Chuck Medina

Chuck Medina of East Stroudsburg, PA scored his first hole in one on the 15th hole, Par 3, 165 yards with an 8 iron. Congratulations Chuck! . . . . and Nicholas DeCarlo, of Hawthorne, NJ used a 9 iron to hit his hole-in-one on the 120 yards, par 3 4th hole. Congratulations Nicholas!

John Mackay

John Mackay, 122 Featherbed Lane, Flemington, NJ had a hole in one on 5/29/11 on hole # 15, 178 yards with a Callaway Big Bertha 5 iron. 

Richard Landers was the witness. This was Mr Mackay’s first hole in one.

Congratulations to John.

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