How To Choose the Best Golf Glove for a Great Play

Are you getting your first golf glove? Wearing the right one can help improve your game. That’s why learning how to choose the best golf glove is essential.

it’s not surprising that many golfers get callouses, which can be painful and sometimes hurt your play, especially if they play frequently. Wearing the right glove helps reduce the chance of getting blisters when you grasp your golf club too hard.

You also want to wear a good-quality one to ensure better grip. The right glove will make it easier to keep the golf club from slipping out of your fingers. Lastly, the right glove provides comfort, especially during cold weather.

Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Gloves

When shopping for a golf glove, there are several things to consider to ensure it does its job well. Some of the most important factors to look into are as follows:


The same thing with golf shoes, the fit is a critical factor when choosing your golf glove. The perfect glove should fit your hand tightly. It should feel like a second skin.

You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose, as it won’t be comfortable enough. Also, a too lose glove comprises protection and grip.


There are three types of gloves in the market based on the material used, namely:

  • Leather

Leather is one of the most supple materials that provides sufficient comfort to its users. Top-quality leather is made from the hide of haired sheep, which remains soft and pliable through multiple uses. What’s more, the fine texture of leather promotes a better grip.

Leather gloves are a great choice for golfers who prefer a softer glove. However, they tend to wear out faster, which means you may have to replace them more often.

Also, this material tends to stretch with repeated use, so choose a slightly smaller size when opting for leather-made gloves. You must also keep in mind that leather is one of the costliest materials, so expect gloves made from it to be expensive.

  • Synthetic

While they are not as plush as leather gloves, synthetic gloves are more durable. They are also more flexible and less expensive.

However, synthetic gloves are less breathable than leather gloves, so they aren’t very comfortable, especially in the summer.

  • Hybrid

Some gloves are made with a combination of leather and synthetic materials. The leather goes into the palm and fingers for grip, while the synthetic fabric goes into the joints and wear points for durability.

Consider each of their pros and cons to see which one works best for your specific needs.

learn how to choose the best golf glove


Golf gloves come in varying sizes. They have two main categories, the regular and cadet. Each comes in small, medium, large, and even double extra large.

Cadet gloves are designed to suit people with shorter fingers and wider palms.


The gloves you buy should meet your needs and playing conditions. Opt for half gloves if you need a better feel when taking the shot. If you need to mark the ball, buy a glove with a detachable disk.

You will also find golf gloves for specific weather conditions. For instance, rain golf gloves can help improve your grip in wet conditions, while cold-weather gloves have extended cuffs to keep you warm.

For winter, thermal gloves are preferable. This type of glove is made from thick, typically knitted material. It looks like a normal golf glove but is warmer, making it suitable for the cold weather.


Golf glove prices range from $7 to $25. Setting a budget range helps narrow down your choices.

That said, while affordability is important, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of your glove. Always make sure to find a balance between price and performance.

How to Choose the Best Golf Glove

Now that you know about some of the critical features you need to look at when purchasing golf gloves, here are some expert tips to keep in mind:

Try the Gloves On

The best way to find the perfect glove is to try it on first. Different brands have different sizing ranges.

Once you’ve found your size, try several models from various brands of the same glove. It will help you determine which one fits best your hand.

Make sure it fits tightly on all areas of your hand. It should feel smooth in your palm and the back of your hand.

There should be little room for the ends of your fingers. Too much room indicates that the gloves are too big for you.

Another tip to determine if you’re getting the correct glove size is that the Velcro fastener should come no more than 75% way across. If it does, it means that your glove is too big.

When buying online, always consult the chart size provided by the manufacturer. You should also contact their support team if there are no specific measurements for each size provided. You should also ask how to go about measuring your hand/s.

Doing so will help you determine your correct size.

Left or Right?

Most golfers only use one glove, but you can always wear gloves on both hands. The question now is, which hand do you wear a golf glove on?

If you’re going with a single glove, you want to wear it on your top hand in relation to your grip. That means you need a glove for your right hand if you’re left-handed and vice versa.

How to Care for Your Gloves

Once you find the best glove for you, you want to make sure you take good care of it, so it lasts long. Consider these golf care tips:

  • Hang Them to Dry Before Usage: Remove your gloves between shots to keep them dry. You can reverse the glove before hanging to allow the inside to air out and get rid of moisture.
  • Always Have Extra Gloves: It’s best to have a few golf gloves, which you can use interchangeably.
  • Wash Regularly: Clean and wash your gloves as directed by the manufacturer. For leather gloves, a cold wash by hand is the preferred method. Meanwhile, you can toss some synthetic golf gloves into the washing machine. After washing, allow your gloves to dry completely.

Now You’re Ready to Buy a Pair of Golf Gloves!

A pair of golf gloves is one of the most important accessories you need for your game. Thus, you want to learn how to choose the best golf glove.

To summarize, make sure that it feels like a second skin. A too big glove for you won’t feel comfortable and won’t help with grip. Lastly, it should be comfortable and sturdy enough to protect your hands.

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