How to Clean Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are mainly used for sportswear to make people’s feet comfortable. No one likes untidy shoes, so you may be thinking about what I should do to make my dirty golf shoes clean and how easy it would be to do so.

It is expected that these shoes go dirty after only one round of golf, so what do most people do in that case?

Do they buy new golf shoes after every game?

No! There are some tips and tricks they use to make their shoes as fresh as possible. So if you want to know how to clean golf shoes, different cleaning methods, and some frequently asked questions about them, you will need to read the full article.

Let’s unveil each step;

Step 1: Gentle Wash

You need to first give your shoes a basic gentle wash with a brush before going forward with the steps we mentioned in this article.
For this, we recommend the Boot Buddy,

Golfshoes bootbuddy

you can still wash away the dirt & mud without it but it won’t be as easy & efficient.

The next thing would be to leave them to dry in a ventilated place to alleviate any bad smell.

Step 2: Use a Suede & Nubuck Kit

First of all, you will need to know what the Suede and Nubuck Kit are.

What is the Suede & Nubuck kit?

Suede and nubuck kit is a kit that will help you to recover shoes to their natural appearance. It enables you to remove different stains, spots, and marks from your shoes. This kit includes an eraser or a rubber and a brush for your golf shoes which will remove any side that can’t be removed using a simple sponge. It is easy to use and beneficial.

What is the Difference Between Nubuck and Suede?

  • Suede is made by sanding the inner layer of the leather hide.
  • Nubuck is made by sanding the outer layer of the leather hide.
  • Along with Nubuck being smoother and less likely to show wear than suede, Nubuck also has another advantage is that it’s made from cowhide (instead of cow skin for Suede) which is tougher, stronger and thicker than suede.
  • Nubuck is generally the superior choice for those who want a more durable, functional leather.

How to Use it?

To clean your golf shoes, rub the corner of the Suede & Nubuck kit bar, and rub it gently on your shoes back and forth. This will erase dirt and spots.

If you have stubborn stains that refuse to come out, wet one corner of the bar in water and rub it over your shoes. Let it dry before scrubbing again to remove any remaining water spots.

We recommend Sof Sole, which is a dry cleaning Suede and Nubuck Kit that can clean dirt on your shoes without the use of water or liquids.

Step 3: Leather Softener (if it’s made of leather)

Leather softener is a product made to take care of leather and help it remain nourished and flexible just like a conditioner is for the hair. It’s made from natural ingredients to ensure that it doesn’t damage the leather.

Without it, you might run the risk of the leather losing its moisture and starting to dry up and lose its flexibility. You can also use a leather softener spray which will help you to lose the areas which are tight for you without any damage.

Although leather softener is the first step for taking care of your golf shoes, it will give moisture to your shoe’s leather which will help it last longer.

Step 4: Shoe Cream

The shoe cream is meant to dampen and wet the shoes to stop cracking. It is also used to cover the scratches on your shoes by simply applying shoe cream on them. You can purchase shoe creams of any color. They fall under numerous shades like black, brown, and white that will match your shoes.

It also includes a brush along with it to apply it easily. Shoe cream recovers your shoe’s original color. Some shoe cream also contains different ingredients like wax etc., so that water and stain marks don’t appear on the boots.

When Should You Use Shoe Cream?

Every time you clean your shoes, you want to clean them thoroughly, so you will also like to use your shoe creams.

You can also apply shoe cream every year at least once if you store them. If you use your golf shoes monthly, you will need to clean them every month.

When preparing your shoes to apply a small amount of the shoe cream, clean your shoes with a brush. After removing all the dust from the shoes, apply a tiny amount of Saphir shoe cream.      

Then wait for 5 minutes then blend the cream into the boots using a horsehair brush. After doing it, use a clean cloth and remove extra cream from the shoes.

You might not see the extra layer, but there will be some that the shoe won’t absorb, so it is necessary to rub the shoe with a clean cloth. After doing all this, leave your shoe for 10 to 20 minutes. This shoe cream will help in increasing your shoe health.

Step 5: Shoe Whitener (if it’s white)

Shoe whitener helps to recover all the whiteness of your golf shoes. It is a type of whitening agent that makes your shoe look brighter. This step will recover the color of your golf shoe and make it look more vibrant. Use a shoe cream with a similar color to your shoes.

But with a shoe whitener, you need to focus more on the toe area. Like if there is any crack on the shoe, apply it there and with a brush, brush your shoes in every room. It is a type of watery mixture then it will dry. It also makes your shoe look new.

Remove the dirt from the shoes, then shake the shoe whitener bottle before using it. Apply the whitener on the sponge, and then rub the sponge on the boots everywhere. The last step is to dry the shoes.

Step 6: Seal the Shoes

Sealing the shoes means covering the shoes with a protective layer using spray or shoe protectors.
You can apply a shoe protector on the top of your shoes.
This shoe step seal is mainly recommended in winters to ensure that your golf shoe remains waterproof. Suppose you use a golf shoe in the rains and it becomes wet, then you can apply this shoe step seal on top of your shoes and make it waterproof once again.

Wax and shine spray is recommended by our experts, e.g, Shoe Protector Gold standard. Just spray on your shoes by keeping the bouquet at a distance of 30 cm.

Step 7: Change the Laces

Laces are generally difficult to clean and they easily get muddy.
So it is better that you take out laces before washing the shoes. After taking out the laces, wash the golf shoes thoroughly to leave no dirt behind. The next thing that you will need to do is to clean the laces. No one will put muddy lace on a washed shoe. So either passes the lace, or you can change the laces also.

If your golf shoes are black and laces are also black, you can use white lace from (Crep Protect Laces) with them because the black and white combination always looks good. Crep Protect Laces consists of every color laces of high quality. So wear shiny clean laces from your newly washed golf shoes and win all the games you play around.

Step 8: Use Shoe Tree

Before diving into the method of shoe trees, you should know what a shoe tree is and what its purpose is.


What is a Shoe Tree?

These plastic and wood-made gadgets are used to hang the shoes so that when your boots are wet, they reduce their wetness. You may have seen these shoe trees in many local or brand shops because they are conscious about the quality of their shoes until they are being sold. So if you are worried about dampness or smell in your shoes, then there are no worries because shoe trees are there to help you.

When you have washed your shoes and do not know what to do next, and when your boots are moist or wet, then hang them on shoe trees in a place where there are no worries about falling.

After placing the best shoe tree, take your damp shoe and hang your shoes in it until they are soaked or dried. It is recommended that you do not straightly put wet golf shoes in these wood shoe trees. Instead, wait for almost 20 to 40 minutes, hang them in the tree.

Many people are worried about whether their shoes may get stretched while using a shoe tree. If you have bought a shoe tree that perfectly fits your golf shoe size, then there is no need to be worried about it.


Q.1: Can we put Golf Shoes in a Washing Machine?

Yes! You can wash golf shoes in a washing machine as you do with your clothes. It will clean every inch of your shoe from inside and outside. Many people use tissue paper for drying out shoes which is ultimately a wrong move. Use a simple towel to dry the inner side of the shoe and soak them in the sunlight or through the shoe tree. There is no need to put shoes in a dryer.

Q.2: Can we get rid of the smell by freezing a golf shoe?

There is no need to freeze a golf shoe to get rid of the smell. However, this method can be used for cleaning but is not recommended by experts. You can use a shoe tree to deodorize them, or you can use a spray also. There is a DIY hack used mainly in southern countries, and that is, if you put your smelly or wet golf shoes in bright sunlight, then all the smell will be removed, and bacteria will be killed naturally.

Q.3: What will be the best and easiest method for cleaning golf shoes?

The easiest method for cleaning a golf shoe is by washing them with soap and a sponge; after washing, service it with a leather conditioner so that if any smell is still there, it will be removed in no time. Later on, please wait for a while and then hang them on a shoe tree or dry them in the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have given you eight simple steps to clean your golf shoes. You have to make sure that you don’t soak your shoes. It will damage your shoes and remove any dust from your shoes before applying any product. We have also given you different shoe products like shoe cream, shoe whitener, which will help to enhance your shoes more and make them look more attractive and vibrant.