How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes (Even if Broken or Stuck)

Do you have a pair of golf shoes that need new spikes? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this quick and easy guide, we will show you how to remove the old spikes and replace them with clean and spanking-new ones. 

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to remove spikes from golf shoes in just a few minutes using simple steps!

Can spikes be removed from shoes?

The question of whether spikes or cleats can be removed depends on whether they are removable or permanent in the first place.

Even though the majority of brands make golf shoes with removable spikes, there are still some that do permanent spikes (like Callaway Chev Comfort).

And obviously, it’s a limitation because permanent cleats cannot be replaced once they have worn down. (1)

Thus it is better to buy a new pair of golf shoes which is obviously more costly. That’s why the majority of golfers prefer removable ones.

If they are removable, then it is possible to remove them from your shoes and replace them with new ones.

In either case, removing old spikes is needed at some point on your shoes, so you will likely need to replace them more often in order to maintain optimal performance when playing golf.

How to remove soft spikes from golf shoes? (with a Tool)

Pre-requisite tools:

  1. Golf Spike Two-Pin Wrench
  2. New spikes
how to remove soft spikes golf shoes using wrench tool and new spikes

Steps on How to get spikes out of golf shoes?

steps on how to get spikes out of golf shoes
  1. The first step is to gather all of the required tools. You will need a soft spike remover, (with a two-pin wrench for easy manoeuvrability). 
  2. Then, apply pressure and gently rotate the tool counterclockwise until the spike is loose.
  3. Manually unscrew the spike with your hands to get it off. 
  4. Repeat this process for each spike on your shoes until they are fully removed. 
  5. Finally, take the new spikes that you have purchased and insert them in place of the old ones. 
  6. Ensure that they are tightly screwed into place before wearing your shoes and heading out to practice. 

With these simple steps, you can get all the spikes off your golf shoes quickly and easily, allowing you to replace them with minimal risk of damaging the new spikes!

How to remove spikes from golf shoes without a tool?

Removing the spikes from your golf shoes without the proper golf spike wrench is possible, but the other methods still require the use of some other tools depending on:

  1. What tools you have available
  2. Whether or not the spikes are stuck or damaged

However, there is a risk of damage to the spikes and/or shoes when using other methods, so it’s always it is best to use a tool when removing spikes from golf shoes in order to avoid damage and simplify the process.

Regardless of the method you use, removing the spikes from your golf shoes without any tool can be a time-consuming, frustrating process and not even worth the effort. Therefore, it is best to not even try with your bare hands.

The most common and safer method is using a long-nosed pair of pliers.

Remove cleats with the plier’s method

Needle-nosed pliers are the best tool for the job. Otherwise, a large pair of pliers can do the job just as well.

  1. Stick the points of the pliers into the two opposite holes on a spike
  2. Then gently rotate the pliers until the spike starts rotating.
  3. With a little patience, you should be able to remove all the spikes.
  4. The key is being patient to avoid damaging the spike which will become even more difficult to remove.

How do you remove a broken or stuck golf spike?

It’s difficult to get the spikes off if they are stuck or broken, so you’ll need to take extra care when removing them. If the spikes are stuck, you can use a golf wrench to try and remove them. 

However, if the spikes are broken, you’ll need to:

  1. Drill new holes through the spikes. Be careful when doing this, as you don’t want to damage the shoes. 
  2. Once you’ve drilled through the spikes, you can use the help of pliers to rotate them counterclockwise and then take them out. 
  3. Be patient, because it’s a time-consuming & frustrating process
  4. If you’re still having trouble removing the spikes or you find that you damaged them even further, you can always take the shoes to a professional golf shop and they’ll be able to help you out.

How to remove spikes from Jordan golf shoes?

Jordan golf shoes are simple to remove the spikes from, assuming that the spikes are not stuck or broken. 

Just refer back to the section above on how to do it with a golf wrench. With just a simple replacement of the spikes, you can keep your shoes performing like new. 

Use the tips in this article or the video below to help you keep your Jordan golf shoes in top condition for years to come. 

How to change spikes on Footjoy golf shoes?

Changing the spikes on your Footjoy golf shoes can be an easy or daunting task depending on the condition of the spikes, but with just a few basic tools and a bit of patience, it is just like taking on any other challenge. 

Firstly, you will need to familiarize yourself with the process by referring back to the section above. 
This will give you an idea of what tools you will need, as well as some important tips to keep in mind. 

Once you have everything ready, simply follow the steps outlined above to complete the process in just a few minutes. To help make things easier, it is recommended that you use a specialized golf wrench or similar tool. 

With just a little practice and trial-and-error, you’ll be able to change your Footjoy golf shoes like Jordan or any other professional golfer in no time! Good luck!


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