True Linkswear Tru Knit II Golf Shoes Review

Like many small companies, True had humble beginnings and used to make golf shoes that looked funny. But this small brand has made a lot of progress in recent years, and it isn’t what it used to be anymore.

The old days of chintzy looking shoe designs are long gone as their new line features high-quality leathers and sleek uppers with premium touches such as perforated tongues or TPU rubber toe caps on certain models.

A few years ago True launched a golf shoe called True Knit which then turned out to be their most popular & best selling product of all time.

So they set up a bigger goal to launch another pair that is even better. So they recently came out with an updated version of it (branded as “Tru Knit II”), and this is what we’re reviewing in this post.

True Knit ii


  • Simple & elegant knitted design
  • Spikeless (can be used on casual occasions)
  • Flexible & Lightweight material (about 260g)
  • All-day comfort & rebound (Wanderlux Midsole)
  • Breathable (made of 90/10 Polyester & Spandex) – excellent for summer.
  • Sock-fit feel
  • Waterproof & oil-proof upper (isn’t important if you only use it when golfing)
  • Durable material that is built to last
  • Good traction (on dry surfaces only)


  • Not to be worn with no-show socks (short socks below ankles) because the back of the shoe feels sharp which can rub against your Achilles, so it’s recommended that you wear a normal pair of socks.
  • Not recommended if you have flat feet because it doesn’t have much support


  • It’s recommended that you get a 0.5 size larger if you prefer a wide toe box.

To sum it up, the Tru Knit II Golf Shoes from True Linkswear is a breathable and lightweight shoe that’s designed for all-day comfort. If you’re looking to get into golfing or just need something comfortable for everyday wear this summer then these are the perfect shoes!

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