Why Are Adizero Golf Shoes Banned: The Truth Behind the Ban

Adizero golf shoes have been banned on a number of golf courses around the world.
This caused golfers who owned this shoe to be a little upset.

The reason? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at why these shoes have been banned and what this means for other similar golf shoes.

Why Are Adizero Golf Shoes Banned

1. What are Adizero golf shoes?

The Adizero is a pair of golf shoes that were first released by Adidas in January 2013 in the USA & UK. They are spiked shoes that are made for men golfers.

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2. Are Adizero golf shoes waterproof?

Yes, Adizero golf shoes are waterproof

They are made of leather, which is a material that is known for its water-resistant properties. The shoes have good reviews from users who have tested them in various weather conditions. 

There are also several layers of protection against moisture, making them ideal for use in wet conditions. They are available in sizes 7-13.

They are available in three colorways:

  1. White/Black
  2. Black/White
  3. White/Yellow.

3. What are the reasons behind the ban?

The main reason was that Adidas Adizeros have 10 bulky soft spikes that provide amazing traction and stability.

These bulky spikes were enough to cause significant damage to the greens because the spikes are positioned too close to the edge of the shoe, which causes more rotational torque to the greens when a person makes a golf swing.

And as you probably know, damaging the greens is a pretty big no-no, because it’s expensive to repair.

It wasn’t long before courses around the country started to notice that their courses were getting damaged by the spikes on the Adizero shoes. 

Word quickly spread among golf clubs and associations, and soon the ban was spreading across the country and beyond. As a result, many courses have banned Adizero golf shoes in order to protect their greens.

Today, there is still no official explanation for the widespread ban of these iconic shoes, so golfers had to get a new pair of shoes if they wanted to continue golfing. 

Despite this setback, though, Adizero golf shoes continue to make more shoes, which probably do not cause the indentations on the greens as it once did, but the reputation is probably stilling.

So it might be best to talk to your local course about wearing a pair of Adizeros before buying one.

4. Are Adizero golf shoes banned everywhere?

No, Adizero golf shoes are not banned everywhere. Despite that the vast majority of golf courses have banned them, there are still courses that have no problem with players wearing Adizero shoes. 

If you’re unsure about whether or not your local course allows Adizero shoes, the best thing to do is call and ask. The staff will likely be able to tell you if there are any restrictions in place. 

5. Are there any other golf shoes that have been banned as well?

Adizeros are definitely top of the list of banned shoes, even if you do a quick online search, you’ll see it at the top.

But there are a few other golf shoes that have been banned as well, but they’re not worth mentioning because it varies on a course-by-course basis, one course may decide to ban a certain golf shoe, but there are thousands of other courses across the country that allow it.

But if you want a rule of thumb before buying your next pair, it’s this:
If they have big spikes, then it’s worth ringing the course and asking them about it. 

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